The VENOM Movie Makes The Symbiote The Superhero

Venom and Fireworks

Forget everything you think you know about Venom, because this symbiote is actually the HERO of this grisly story. From the first rumors of a Venom movie, words like 'antihero' or 'villain' have been throw around in reference to the titular hybrid - suggesting that Eddie Brock and his symbiote are a far cry from your typical superhero.

But as more details concerning Venom continue to emerge (like the evil symbiote Riot set to appear) it's seeming more and more likely that Sony is adapting the later, more developed origin story of Venom. The story in which the Venom symbiote isn't the reason that Eddie feels unhinged. And in which the Venom symbiote is the only hero powerful enough to save Earth from his symbiote kin - providing Eddie can rise to its own level.

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Seeing Eddie sweating and screaming as a voice takes hold of his mind, or violently injuring his enemies and acting dumbfounded are highly effective in making the Venom story seem werewolf-esque in nature. But looks can be deceiving. Let us explain just how The VENOM Movie Makes The Symbiote The Superhero.

For Starters, The Symbiote Was Never The Villain

One of the most common misconceptions about the Venom symbiote (likely due to the Spider-Man 3 movie) is that the alien symbiote itself is villainous, malicious, or just downright evil in nature. In reality, fans know that to say the symbiote "corrupted" Eddie isn't accurate at all. In fact, the opposite might be true.

As the story unfolded the first time around, Spider-Man brought the symbiote suit back to Earth, and had it removed when Mr. Fantastic discovered it was actually alive. Not evil, just a living thing. Eventually it escaped and found its way to Eddie Brock, a man with other legitimate beefs against Peter Parker. On the surface, one could look at the trailers for Venom and assume it has done the same to Eddie on film, just with a different target for his hatred.

But that might not be right, considering the bigger truth about the symbiotes that eventually came to light in the comics.

The Symbiotes Are a Force for Good, Not Evil

Agents of the Cosmos Venom symbiotes Klyntar Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy

Over time, the larger mythology of the symbiote-- well, the symbiotes was expanded, revealing that it wasn't a cosmic virus, or infection. It was just one of an entire planet of symbiotes. Which means it's about time we started calling these symbiotes by their actual name: the Klyntar.

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Born of a planet bearing the same name, the symbiotes were about as far from villainous or an 'infection' as you can get. Their goal in life was to attach to a living organism, and form a symbiotic relationship (hence the name). The creature could spread the Klyntar's reach, while the Klyntar helped the organism to do things never thought possible. Give it power, give it purpose, and protect it as much as it would protect itself.

That may even mean using deadly force to protect the host, assuming that host has the necessary makeup to do it. Which makes it easy to misread Eddie's horror at the behavior "Venom" is exhibiting in the movie's trailers. But the biggest source of confusion may be in the other alien symbiotes wreaking havoc in the film.

Symbiotes who may be part of the same evil, violent, murderous tribe to which the Venom symbiote used to belong...

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