Exclusive: Venom Behind-the-Scenes Clip Showcases Stunts & Effects

A behind-the-scenes clip from Venom highlights the film's stunts and visual effects for one of the standout action sequences. Released in theaters back in October, Venom became an unlikely box office smash. Despite being widely panned by critics, the movie broke records en route to a whopping $845.6 million worldwide total. So far, Venom has outgrossed every X-Men movie everWonder Woman, and several other comic book titles. Sony finally has their superhero franchise they can continue to develop, as there are several more projects on the way.

Looking to capitalize on Venom's popularity and the holiday shopping season, Sony opted to give the movie a very quick home media release. It will be available on digital and Blu-ray this month, with the studio now selling Venom as some sort of twisted rom-com between Eddie and the symbiote. Their dynamic was definitely a fan-favorite aspect of the movie, but like any tentpole, it also relied heavily on spectacle and set pieces. The action of Venom takes center stage as the home media marketing continues.

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Released as an exclusive to Screen Rant, this short clip features stunt coordinator Chris O'Hara breaking down Venom's car chase sequence, where Eddie is speeding away from his foes while riding a motorcycle. He discussed the scene's blending of practical effects and CGI. Watch the clip in the space below:

As O'Hara notes, what set this sequence apart from a traditional action sequence is Venom himself. At various times as Eddie evaded his would-be captors, the symbiote came to the rescue, using tentacles to push other vehicles out of the way. The creative team definitely tried to get as much in-camera as possible, but they needed to account for where the CG would be in the finished product. It seems like it proved to be an interesting logistical challenge for O'Hara and his group, but they were able to figure it out and do a great job. The fact that a majority of the sequence was done for real (both on location and in studio) certainly helped matters, as it grounded the action in a tangible manner.

This clip is from the "Lethal Protector in Action" featurette from the Blu-ray, just one of many bonus features available on the disc. Sony didn't skimp on the supplements, as it will include a trio of deleted scenes, a Venom Mode that shares trivia tidbits while the film is playing, a look at the history of Venom, and of course, more behind-the-scenes looks at the making of the film. All in all, the Blu-ray is a must-have for fans of the movie and should sell well when it hits stores.

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Venom will be available on digital on December 11, 2018 and 4K, Blu-ray, and DVD on December 18, 2018.

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