Venom: The 10 Biggest Spoilers

BEWARE: The following post, of course, contains massive SPOILERS for Venom!


Sony Pictures' Venom introduces Tom Hardy's symbiote anti-hero, so what were the biggest spoilers, twists, and surprises in the Spider-Man spinoff movie?

Sony kicks off their series of Spider-Man offshoot films with Ruben Fleischer's Venom, starring Hardy as Eddie Brock, who merges with the symbiote known as Venom. The movie follows investigative journalist Eddie Brock, who loses everything after an interview with Life Foundation founder Carlton Drake (Riz Ahmed) goes badly. At a low point in his life, Eddie stumbles upon the story of a lifetime when he finds himself inside the Life Foundation, where Drake is experimenting on bonding human test subjects to alien hosts called symbiotes. After an accident in the lab, Eddie finds himself bonded to the symbiote named Venom and together they'll need to take on the villainous Drake, who bonds with another symbiote named Riot.

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Now that Venom is hitting theaters around the world and fans have the chance to see Hardy sit in a tank full of lobsters as part of his role as Eddie Brock, we list the 10 biggest spoilers, reveals and twists from the film. Again, beware there are SPOILERS for Venom and its two post-credits scenes ahead.

Venom Has NO Marvel Cinematic Universe Connections

Since Sony still owns the movie rights to Spider-Man, and is simply "sharing" the character with Marvel Studios, there's been a great deal of speculation since Venom was announced that it could somehow connect to the MCU. The situation was made more complicated thanks to comments from Sony producer Amy Pascal, while Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige has maintained Venom is completely separate. Now that Venom is in theaters it's confirmed to not have any MUC connections. Rumors during production hinted at a potential appearance from Tom Holland's Peter Parker, which would establish Venom as being in the MCU, but no such cameo occurs.

Riot Is Planning A Symbiote Invasion of Earth

Carlton Drake and Riot act as the villains of Venom, and to go along with that role, the pair have a villainous plan that endangers all life on Earth. Though Drake starts off attempting to save humans from the dying planet that is Earth, he quickly begins to see the symbiotes as a much better and more worthy form of life. Once he bonds with Riot, Drake and the symbiote being plans to travel to space in order to bring the rest of the symbiote species to Earth and, essentially, take over the world. Of course, Venom stops Riot and Drake before they have a chance to get to space, but it's a villainous plan worthy of the strange property that is Venom.

Venom Bonds With A Dog - Yes, Seriously

Venom Movie Review

As established in Venom, the symbiotes can bond with any living organism, and they need to do so in order to survive on the oxygen-rich planet of Earth. While Dr. Dora Skirth (Jenny Slate) is running tests on the symbiotes, viewers see one bond with a rabbit, though the symbiote eventually kills the rabbit. For the most part, Venom sees the symbiotes bond with various humans, killing them then moving on to the next host. However, at one point in the movie, Venom bonds with a dog named Gemini. While it's not without precedent - Venom did merge with a dog in the Marvel comics - it's still one of more strange and silly moments of the film.

She-Venom Appears (Briefly)

Ann Weying becomes She-Venom

Venom bonds with the dog after being removed from Eddie and when it becomes clear that Eddie and Venom will need to be bonded in order to defeat Riot, Eddie's ex-fiancé Anne Weying (Michelle Williams) welcomes the symbiote into her body for a brief time in order to bring it to Eddie. That happens off screen, though, so viewers first see Anne bonded with Venom in the form of She-Venom. Of course, fans of the Marvel Comics recognized the character name of Anne Weying as the alternate identity of She-Venom, but many likely suspected the character would be held for a sequel. It turns out, that isn't the case, as She-Venom makes a brief appearance in Venom before the symbiote returns to Eddie.

Eddie & Venom Kiss - Sort Of

Venom Trailer - Venom and Eddie

In Venom, the symbiotes bond with a host by being absorbed through the skin. However, when Venom is passed from Anne to Eddie, it's done so through a kiss. So, yes, Venom does kiss Eddie, but it's not entirely clear whether it's Venom's idea to kiss Eddie, or if that's all Anne. At the end of the film, when Eddie asks Anne about it, she claims it was all Venom's idea, but the dialogue is delivered in a way that makes it seem like she's lying - indicating it was more her idea than Venom's. No matter whose idea it was, Venom does feature a symbiote-on-human kiss.

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