How Venom Can Get A Redesigned Spider Symbol In His Solo Movie

The newest TV spot from Venom may have teased a redesigned Spider symbol. When Sony announced they were making a Venom standalone movie, fans of the character from the comics wondered how they could pull it off. Sony recently began a partnership with Marvel that puts Tom Holland's Spider-Man (the only live-action Spidey) in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and, despite some initial confusion, Venom does not appear to be part of the MCU in any way.

This means that Tom Hardy's version of Venom won't have any connection to Spider-Man, which is a major change from the source material. Eddie Brock only becomes Venom in the comics after Peter Parker manages to rid himself of the symbiote. This is why Venom has the Spider-Man symbol on his chest too and even shares some of the same abilities. Since Venom can't connect Hardy's Eddie Brock to Holland's Peter Parker, director Ruben Fleischer's movie won't include the symbol on Venom's chest.

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A new TV spot from Venom may show the movie's alternative, however. The TV spot in question (shared by ComicBook) shows some new action beats with Venom and noticeably a new addition to his look. Early on in the footage, Venom is shown with a giant white spot in the middle of his chest - exactly where a Spider symbol should be. See a screenshot below:

This has obviously left many wondering what is up with Venom's new look. Based on the area around him, it appears to take place in the middle of an action scene, maybe even the climactic fight against villain Riot. The most likely explanation is this new marking is actually a battle scar or a recent injury from the fight. Venom is also holding something in his right hand; that object could've impaled him leaving a scar behind. If this is an injury, it will be interesting to see if it eventually heals or if this marking becomes permanent for Venom.

If Venom can't heal the spot to restore his all-black look, some additional changes could be made to add a design. Since Venom still isn't interacting with a Spider-Man, it wouldn't make sense for it to become the Spider symbol fans are accustomed to seeing on him, but it could be the beginning of a spiritual redesign.

Whether or not that happens, this shouldn't be taken as any possible link between Venom and the MCU; there's no logical explanation for why this would happen at this stage in Eddie Brock's story. But some chest marking would definitely fit for the character and bring him closer to the comic iteration. We'll find out when Venom releases next week.

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Source: ComicBook

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