Venom Movie Rumored to Include Tom Holland's Spider-Man

Sony's Venom movie, starring Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock, is rumored to include a cameo from Tom Holland's Spider-Man from the MCU.

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Sony's Venom movie is rumored to include a cameo from Tom Holland's Spider-Man. After the Andrew Garfield-starring The Amazing Spider-Man 2 failed to launch a shared universe full of characters connected to Peter Parker, Sony made a deal with Marvel Studios to welcome Spider-Man into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Holland first debuted as the wall-crawling superhero in 2016's Captain America: Civil War, then received his first solo outing in the MCU with last year's Spider-Man: Homecoming.

However, Sony was meanwhile planning their own superhero universe using Spider-Man characters. They announced a Venom movie starring Tom Hardy with Ruben Fleischer on board as the director, and tapped Gina Prince-Bythewood to helm Silver and Black, a film following Silver Sable and Black Cat. Still, it quickly became unclear whether Holland's Spidey would be included in these films or this universe. Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige said, in no uncertain terms, Venom wouldn't be connected to the MCU, but Sony producer Amy Pascal caused confusion in stating it would be "adjunct" to the MCU. Now, a new rumor will add further confusion and speculation to the fire.

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Kristian Harloff, head of development for Collider Video, tweeted that Collider Video host Jon Schnepp dropped the scoop on Collider Movie Talk that Holland's Spider-Man will, in fact, appear in Sony's Venom movie. It must be noted that the revelation should be taken as a rumor with a grain of salt until further confirmation is provided.

UPDATE: The episode has been released and can be watched from 1:40 in the below video.

UPDATE 2: Schnepp clarified his report, stating Holland's Peter Parker will appear in Venom, but not necessarily the actor's Spider-Man.

Update 3: Here's the scene where Tom Holland's Peter Parker may appear in Venom!

If Holland's Spider-Man does appear in Venom, it will be a major connection between Sony's offshoot superhero universe and the established MCU. Fans of Marvel Studios' expansive world would no doubt welcome the connection, as it would provide viewers with a different look at the universe - and lay the groundwork for Hardy's Venom and Holland's Spider-Man to one day team up or battle each other in a more official capacity. Further, it would mean that characters used in Sony's films - Venom, Silver Sable, and Black Cat - could potentially appear in Marvel movies, though that still seems unlikely (and even more unlikely is the potential for any Marvel Studios characters beyond Spider-Man appearing in one of Sony's movies).

Still, this is just a rumor as of now. Holland has become notorious for accidentally leaking Marvel secrets so if he does have a part, it's likely we'll get a hint of it from his social media presence - that is, of course, unless Sony takes extreme measures to protect this secret. Additionally, Hardy hasn't been shy about sharing photos from the set of Venom, though they've carefully revealed very little about the project. Recently, the first official Venom image was released, featuring Hardy as Brock rather than the symbiote.

All that said, if Holland is appearing in Venom, it's likely we'll hear further rumors about it before the movie wraps production. So, fans should be on the lookout for hints from the Venom production and Holland's social media.

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Source: Kristian Harloff

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