Venom Director Teases Tom Holland's Spider-Man Crossover

A crossover with Tom Holland's Spider-Man could be in Venom's future. Sony is currently working with Marvel Studios to breathe new life into Spider-Man. They've done so successfully with Holland's iteration appearing in three MCU films thus far, and two more appearances on the way. However, Sony's double-dipping on their side by bringing a separate Spider-Man-related universe to life. It begins this fall with Tom Hardy's Venom.

The movie is the beginning of what could be a large connected universe based on Spider-Man comic characters, but, so far, there's no actual connection to Spider-Man. Marvel Studios has maintained that Venom and all other Sony Marvel films are not attached to the MCU in any way. This is happening despite rumors of Holland having a cameo, which the director won't confirm or deny.

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That doesn't appear to be the case with Venom, as the director is teasing a possible future crossover. During Sony Pictures' San Diego Comic-Con 2018 panel, director Ruben Fleischer teased Venom and Spider-Man will meet "at some point down the road." There's no definitive word on when such plans could happen, but the door is certainly open for a crossover of some kind.

Although Marvel Studios appears to be a bit more cold-shouldered on the idea of Holland's Spidey interacting with Sony's other projects, they don't get the final say. Sony still owns the big screen rights to Spider-Man and can do whatever they want with him as they please. That is, unless the initially agreed upon deal's guidelines have changed. Whatever the current status may be, people on Sony's side (including Fleischer) appear to be much more hopeful that a crossover will happen. This could be nothing but hope on their part, or it could be part of their plans to slowly bring their properties into the MCU continuity.

However a potential crossover could play out, fans are already extremely interested in seeing these new takes on Spider-Man and Venom meet. Spider-Man 3 didn't live up to expectations for many, and those fans are waiting to see if some proper Spider-Man and Venom interactions can take place on the big screen. They certainly haven't happened yet, with Venom's chest symbol missing from the SDCC footage. If the two characters haven't met yet, then a first meeting is still something that could come in the future. Holland and Hardy are both open to making it happen, but this type of crossover is beyond their control. But, should the opportunity arise, Fleischer may already have a few ideas for how it could go down.

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