Venom Movie Score Tracklist Teases Unexpected Ally

A full track listing has emerged for the Venom movie score ahead of its release, now confirmed to be October 5th. Starring Tom Hardy as the titular alien symbiote, Venom sees Sony Pictures return to Spider-Man canon for the first time since allowing Spidey himself to swing his way over to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Opting to focus on one of the hero's most popular adversaries, Sony's Venom promises to include more than one symbiote and is directed by Ruben Fleischer, with supporting stars that include Michelle Williams and Riz Ahmed. Although the first trailer released for Venom was widely panned for not including any footage of the title character itself, a more recent effort has shown Tom Hardy in all his black, toothy glory.

Providing a soundtrack to the on screen symbiote action will be none other than Swedish composer Ludwig Göransson, who will perhaps be most familiar to superhero fans for his highly regarded work on Black Panther. A frequent collaborator with Ryan Coogler, Göransson also developed a strong working relationship with Donald Glover while composing the soundtrack to Community and would go on to produce many of Glover's biggest hits under the Childish Gambino pseudonym.

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Göransson's most recent project sees him return to the world of comic book movies for Venom and his official soundtrack will be available to buy on October 5th, the same day the movie itself hits theaters. The track listing for the score has also now been confirmed via FilmMusicReporter and reads as follows:

Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock in Venom

1. Space Exploration2. Symbiotes Arrive3. First Contact4. Eddie’s Blues5. Run, Eddie, Run6. What’s Wrong With Me7. Panic at the Bistro8. Humans… Such Poor Design9. Self Defense10. Pedal to the Metal11. Eyes, Lungs, Pancreas12. You Want Up?13. Venom Rampage14. Annie, I’m Scared15. Parasite16. Unexpected Ally17. Battle on the Launch Pad18. You Belong With Us

As expected, the song titles don't give too much away about Venom's plot that couldn't already be gleaned from the trailers. The first few tracks do, however, confirm that the movie will show exactly how the symbiotes came to Earth in the first place and track 16, "Unexpected Ally," could potentially hint at a team-up between Venom and another symbiote during the film's climax. Aside from "Panic At The Bistro" which sounds suspiciously like a middle-aged alternative to Panic! At The Disco, perhaps the most interesting song title is the final track, "You Belong With Us." Could this possibly be suggesting that Venom will end with Eddie Brock choosing to remain attached to his symbiote partner and thus open the way for a potential sequel?

There's an awful lot riding on the release of Venom and its reception will likely dictate whether Sony can keep producing their own Spider-Man output while Peter Parker himself is mixing it up with the Avengers in the MCU. Whether Venom can overcome the skepticism some superhero movie fans feel towards it remains to be seen but at least with Ludwig Göransson in charge of the music, the score is sure to hit the mark.

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Source: Film Music Reporter

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