How Venom Could Set Up Sony's Spider-Villain Universe

Next October, Tom Hardy will introduce us to the newest version of Venom, the tongue-slavering antihero who took the '90s by storm. Sony has a lot riding on this film's success; not only do they hope it will perform well in the box office, they also intend it to kick off a Spider-Man villain shared universe.

But how could Venom set up the next Sony films? Will it establish a common narrative thread, one that runs on through Silver & Black, as well as the many more movies to come? And if so, what is it? Well, Sony may have actually given us an unexpected clue, and her name is Anne Weying.

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Anne Weying aka She-Venom

She-Venom Ann Weying

At CCXP, Tom Hardy revealed that Venom would be adapting some of the symbiote's most-loved stories. He singled out Lethal Protector, and also dropped a reference to Planet of the Symbiotes. But there's one crucial difference between these two arcs and the movie. Michelle Williams has been cast to play Eddie Brock's ex-wife, Anne Weying. Intriguingly, Weying doesn't appear in either of the two arcs Hardy mentioned.

Weying is important to the setup for these arcs, though. She was introduced in Amazing Spider-Man #375, an issue which saw Spider-Man research Eddie Brock's history. He learned that Brock had actually been married, and tracked down his ex-wife. Weying was reluctantly drawn into the feud between Venom and Spider-Man. She was the one who persuaded Eddie to abandon his vendetta against the webhead, forging an uneasy truce between the two. This allowed Marvel to carefully position Eddie Brock as an antihero, rather than as a villain.

It seems likely Weying will play a similar role in Venom. Whether or not she's a love interest, she could easily act as Brock's conscience. While it's true that she ultimately became She-Venom in the comics, there's no need for Sony to rush this. The studio aim to launch a cinematic universe, after all, and that likely includes sequels. There's no need to rush that side of things.

But What About The Wild Pack?

If Sony is drawing in some narrative threads from Amazing Spider-Man #375, then it's also possible the movie will introduce us to the Wild Pack. They're a group of mercenaries who hail from Symkaria, and in ASM #375 they were hired by J. Jonah Jameson to bring in Eddie Brock. They were outclassed from the start, but it didn't stop them seriously complicating Eddie's plans.

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That may well be an important connection for Sony. The Wild Pack are led by Silver Sable, the Symkarian mercenary who's set to star in Sony's Silver and Black. It's possible they could act as the connective tissue between the movies. The end-credits of Iron Man set up the MCU's future, ultimately building up to 2012's The Avengers. In the same way, the presence of the Wild Pack could easily set up Sony's ongoing story, creating a narrative throughflow between their first two movies at least that feels somewhat organic.


Venom only started production in October, so right now the studio is keeping the film pretty much under wraps. At the same time, this theory would fit quite nicely with Sony's desire to build a shared universe. Just as Nick Fury welcomed Tony Stark to a "bigger universe," so the Wild Pack would introduce fans to a shared world of heroes and villains.

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