How Venom Sets Up A (Much Better) Sequel

Ann Weying becomes She-Venom


Comic book readers were delighted to see Ann Weying transform into She-Venom, and Ann admitted that she felt it was something of a rush. That idea is lifted straight from the comics, but it would be great to see it developed more in Venom 2.

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In the comics, Ann Weying was shot by the villainous Sin-Eater. The symbiote bonded with her in order to save her life, and she lashed out against the men who had hurt her with a violence that actually scared Eddie. He summoned the symbiote away from Ann in order to end her rampage; horrified, she claimed the symbiote had forced her to do it, but Eddie didn't believe her. He felt the symbiote had unlocked something dark and dangerous inside Ann, something that she didn't want to admit was there. Not long after, the police attempted to use Ann as bait in a trap to capture Venom, giving Eddie the bright idea of sending the symbiote instead, and Ann was able to break out. In a nice inversion, Ann gave up her role as She-Venom when Eddie was injured, passing the symbiote back to him in order to save his life.

Venom 2 could potentially explore She-Venom in far greater detail; indeed, there were already hints of it in the first film, with Ann horrified at the fact she'd eaten someone's head while bonded with the symbiote. Perhaps Venom 2 could see the symbiote pass between Eddie and Ann, shining a light upon Ann's dark side just as much as the first film did upon Eddie's.


The post-credits scene of Venom introduced viewers to Woody Harrelson's Cletus Kasady, the man destined to be Carnage. According to director Ruben Fleischer, Carnage was deliberately saved for a sequel. "The intention or the ambition was to show that there are legs for the franchise," he explained, "in that a fan favorite let alone played by Woody Harrelson would be something we could look forward to in the future." Fleischer claimed he doesn't yet know how this story would play out, but it's notable that the Venom franchise seems to be taking a slightly different approach to Kasady. In the post-credits scene, he's already obsessed with Eddie Brock and warns Eddie that he'll be coming for him the moment he breaks out.

Carnage's powerset is very similar to the one used by Riot in Venom, right down to the habit of morphing his hands into sharp weapons. It's possible that, rather than be Venom's spawn as in the comics, Carnage will instead be another team leader - albeit a symbiote that bonds with a madman, whose psychosis will overwhelm the symbiote's own.

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A Symbiote Invasion

Meanwhile, it's important to remember that the symbiotes are still coming en masse. Venom revealed that the Klyntar had discovered life on Earth, and that the comet stumbled upon by the Life Foundation was their idea of a vessel; a means of getting from their homeworld to Earth. Given the comet clearly didn't possess thrusters, it could have been traveling across the cosmos for millennia; the Life Foundation took samples and unwittingly gave the invaders a spearhead force, but the main invasion is still on its way. Presumably, they're still some way out, though, so the symbiote invasion may be reserved for a later movie.

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There's strong comic book precedent for this idea. In 1995, Marvel published an arc called Planet of the Symbiotes. This revealed that - just as in the movie - the Venom symbiote was unlike the rest of its species. The symbiotes were portrayed as a race of conquerors who travel between worlds, feeding upon the life-force and memories of other races for sustenance. Venom was an aberration, a symbiote who sought to belong rather than to dominate, and was thus judged insane by the rest of his race. "Hosts have a limited term of utility," Venom explained to Spider-Man. "Entire races are used up, meeting extinction before the vampiric rush-lust of the thrill-seeking symbiotes."

It's interesting to note that Carnage played a major role in Planet of the Symbiotes. He proved able to consume other symbiotes, to absorb them into himself - and become incrementally more powerful. In the end, of course, it was Venom himself who defeated the invaders. The symbiotes are empathic receptors, and Eddie Brock and Venom were able to bond more closely than ever before and release a wave of pain and grief. The invaders were unable to endure the pain, and chose to commit mass suicide rather than continue to endure it, crumbling into dust.

Given Carnage's role in Planet of the Symbiotes, this could actually be Sony's ultimate plan for the Venom franchise; first to introduce Carnage, and then to set up an epic in which Eddie Brock must battle to save the entire world from a full symbiote invasion.

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