'Deadpool' Screenwriters Talk About Their 'Venom' Movie Treatment

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Once upon a time, in the far-off days of ancient Hollywood (or, to be more accurate, about four years ago), there was talk that Sony Pictures was planning a movie all about comic book villain Venom, whom we last saw featured as one of the multiple bad guys in Sam Raimi's Spiderman 3.

They had screenwriters Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick onboard to write the script, and Sony was in talks with directors to helm the project. First came The Hunger Games' Gary Ross - and later, after the Venom story changed from a Spiderman spin-off to a full reboot, Chronicle director Josh Trank. Towards the end of 2009 we started hearing rumors that the Venom project had been delayed, and these rumors were confirmed when any news of development on the project more or less died away completely.

Last summer, The Amazing Spider-Man producers Avi Arad and Matthew Tolmach mentioned Venom in an interview and agreed that he "deserves his own movie," also mentioning that they'd "been sitting around in a room talking about Venom stories." It's worth noting, however, that we've not had any real indication that a  Venom movie is back on the books, and as far as we know, the project remains consigned to developmental limbo. However, as we did with J.J. Abrams' Superman movie last week, it's always interesting to find out about what might have been.

In the same interview with Collider that saw them opening up about their Deadpool script, Reese and Wernick were questioned about the treatment that they wrote for Venom. Reese more or less confirmed that the story that they had written will never see the light of day:

"We did [write a draft]. A long time ago, and it likely will not become a movie in that form.  Too many things have happened in between now and then and different people have been involved, and it’s just likely not to happen in the form that we wrote it unfortunately."

With that in mind, however, the screenwriters are more or less at full liberty to discuss what they had planned for the alien symbiote and his human host(s), and how they feel about the script several years on.

Reese: "[The script was] realistic, grounded, a little more dark take on the character."

Wernick: Yeah it was definitely kind of dark and soul search-y.  We love it and we’re proud of it."

Reese: Eddie Brock was a conflicted character, and so I don’t think it could’ve been Peter Parker."

Wernick: I think we felt like we got pretty close, I mean no script ends perfectly—"

Reese: "Except Deadpool.  We nailed Deadpool."

Wernick: "(laughs) Deadpool is the one we really did nail more than any other.  That’s our favorite script.  But Venom I thought we got darn close."


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