Tom Hardy's Stopped Fighting The Symbiote In Venom Poster

Tom Hardy's Eddie Brock surrenders to the power of the symbiote in the new teaser poster for Venom. Venom will be the first appearance for the comic villain since his ill-fated live-action debut in Sam Raimi's Spider-Man 3. Raimi famously tried to resist using the character since he didn't understand the appeal of Venom, but eventually gave into producer demands. Sadly, Topher Grace's take on the role was widely rejected by fans, and Raimi clearly struggled with how to use the villain effectively.

In the years since there were various rumors of a spinoff featuring the character and talk of an appearance in the now-cancelled The Amazing Spider-Man 3, but in 2017, it was finally confirmed he'd be getting a solo movie starring Tom Hardy. The story will find reporter Eddie Brock becoming host to an alien symbiote that grants him amazing powers – but isn't necessarily out to do good deeds. Sony recently unveiled a second trailer for the movie that provided the first look at Venom himself, after the first teaser was widely panned for not revealing the character.

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Reaction to the new Venom trailer has been much more positive, and now a new teaser poster for the movie finds Eddie Brock embracing his inner dark side.

Venom has been pitched as a decidedly anti-heroic take on the superhero genre and will be embracing its R-rating. The movie is also said to be an homage to the classic body horror movies of the 1980's like The Fly or The Thing, and the tone will be a mashup of horror and superhero movie. Director Ruben Fleischer has already shown in the past he can mix genres together in deft ways with his 2009 horror/comedy Zombieland.

The big question surrounding Venom is how will it connect to the MCU, if at all? The movie is being set up as its own solo franchise separate from Marvel's universe, but Venom is also a famous Spider-Man villain. There have been contradictory statements regarding the film's MCU status, and even rumors Tom Holland will make a cameo as Peter Parker. The truth likely won't be revealed until the movie is released, though given the level of cooperation between Marvel and Sony in recent years, it doesn't seem out of the question Holland could make some kind of quick appearance.

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