Venom Movie Has TWO Post-Credits Scenes

Update: The first Venom reviews are now online!

Sony Pictures' upcoming Venom movie has two end-credits scenes. The studio has been wanting to make a feature-length film based on the iconic Marvel Comics character for several years now, since the late 1990s. While their first attempt at adapting the character into live-action in Sam Raimi's Spider-Man 3 in 2007 went horribly - something that producer Avi Arad has now accepted responsibility for - they are looking to their next attempt with even more hope.

This year's Venom movie, directed by Zombieland helmer Ruben Fleischer and starring Tom Hardy as the lead character Eddie Brock, is meant to usher in a new age of Marvel-based movies at Sony Pictures, all of which will apparently center on characters (particularly villains) associated with Spider-Man. But the twist here is that Spider-Man himself won't be a part of this new Spider-verse. So, there's a lot of pressure on Venom's shoulders to get everything right and potentially set up the future of Sony's new shared universe - and a couple of end-credits scenes can help with that.

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The first Venom press screenings occurred this past week, and it's now been confirmed that there are in fact TWO end-credits scenes (literally); specifically, one mid-credits scene and then another one a little bit after - but not necessarily an after-credits scene since the credits start playing again afterward. At least that is somewhat of a departure from the norm for most comic book movies, even those not made by Marvel Studios.

Riz Ahmed and Tom Hardy in Venom

Given the fact that this is a comic book movie, especially one that is meant to launch a brand new shared universe, it isn't surprising that there are two end-credits scenes. Of course, the specifics of the end-credits scenes can't be discussed yet since the movie hasn't released yet and critics are still under embargo. But since there isn't another Sony Marvel movie in production at this time (which will change later this year when Jared Leto's Morbius movie starts filming), it seems likely that at least one of the end-credits scenes may tease a Venom sequel. If not, then there isn't really a reason to have two of them, let alone one.

While the first batch of Venom reactions and reviews will shed some light on the movie's quality, it's already projected to break October box office records. If it's successful enough, then there's always a chance for the movie to receive a sequel down the line, just as the cast and crew want. And who knows, perhaps that potential Venom 2 will even be rated R, like Hardy himself wants to see happen. But, for now, fans can look forward to seeing Venom when it hits theaters in October.

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