Venom Movie Possibly Adapting Lethal Protector Comic

Rumors suggest that the R-rated Venom will see Tom Hardy take part in a classic storyline and battle multiple symbiote enemies.

Rumors are circulating that the plot of Sony's Venom film may be loosely based on the one of the antihero's most popular comic book stories, Lethal Protector. Although plenty of casting news has been released for the movie, the exact specifics of the storyline itself has been shrouded in secrecy. However, if the latest reports are true, then we could well be in for a symbiote-fest on the big screen.

Ever since the Venom solo film was announced, and Tom Hardy was confirmed as the lead actor, there has been a great deal of interest in how the character would be portrayed. This was tempered by an uncertainty on how it would sit with the MCU films. The general opinion now seems to be that whilst Spider-Man won't be appearing in the movie, it does have tenuous but not explicit links to that shared universe, and later crossovers could still theoretically happen. However, it is expected to contain the villain Carnage, and will feature major characters like Anne Weying, Eddie Brock's love interest, possibly to be played by Michelle Williams.

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In further intriguing news, Omega Underground has reportedly uncovered some more production details, and come to the conclusion that Venom will be based on one of his earliest character-defining adventures in the comics. Titled Lethal Protector and printed in 1993, it saw Eddie Brock come to peace with his symbiote and even establish a truce with Spidey. Agreeing to leave New York and travel to San Francisco, he becomes a force for good and is even appointed as the protector of a group of subterranean dwellers (Mole People) who were victimised by those around them. Soon, however, his past catches up with him, as a previous victim's father hires mercenaries to kill him. This group is known as The Jury, and are empowered by Tony Stark armor. Venom then eventually faces off with a new group of symbiote villains (Scream, Phage, Riot, Lasher, and Agony), with the aid of his once-nemesis Spider-Man.

Tom Hardy and Venom

This information is at least partially backed-up by a second report from Omega Underground, which has examined casting calls and production work apparently scheduled for the shooting of Venom in San Francisco; slotting in nicely with the essential location work if the Lethal Protector storyline is adapted.

It should be stressed that these are unverified rumors at the moment, but it is intriguing information nevertheless. If the film were to be based on Lethal Protector, it would have to be very loosely adapted. Spider-Man is a no show, so that element would have to be excised from the plot, and he had a major role to play in it. The use of Mole People, and Tony Stark would also be tricky to incorporate outside the MCU. Then there's the matter of how Carnage would be worked into the story as presumably the main villain. That's not even considering establishing the origin of Eddie Brock himself. It could make for a very busy movie.

That aside, we wouldn't be surprised if elements of Lethal Protector are adapted  - possibly a major fight between several symbiote characters, and some form of armored mercenary group - but we doubt that it would be that close to the comic-book arc. However we'll keep an open mind and let you know of any further updates on Venom as we get them.

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Source: Omega Underground

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