Venom VFX Supervisor Details the Movie’s New Origin for Symbiotes

Venom's VFX supervisor, Paul Franklin, reveals how the symbiotes make their way to Earth. Sony will kick off their own cinematic universe with the upcoming Ruben Fleischer-directed flick starring Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock aka. Venom. While it's still unclear whether or not the project will feature a cameo by Tom Holland's Peter Parker/Spider-Man (Fleischer remains coy about the idea), it already boasts a star-studded cast including Michelle Williams as Anne WeyingRiz Ahmed as Dr. Carlton Drake, Scott Haze as Roland Treece, and Jenny Slate as Dora Skirth.

With less than a month away from hitting theaters, more details about Venom are starting to emerge including its supposed runtime and rating. Interestingly, instead of an R-rating, which many initially thought it would receive, the film is a PG-13 due to a very specific reason. It turns out that Sony is trying to keep it family-friendly to keep the door open for a possible crossover with MCU's Spider-Man.

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IGN spoke with the VFX supervisor during the outlet's visit on the set of Venom and he explained how the film's symbiotes make their way to Earth. As it turns out, the symbiotes weren't just simply collected, rather, they were actively finding a way to be brought to the planet in the hopes of finding hosts.

"We see, at the beginning of the film, the moment when the symbiotes are collected up by a Life Foundation space probe, which finds them on a comet drifting through space, approaching Earth. And the space probe is out there looking for signs of life, and they can’t believe their luck. There’s life signals everywhere, all across this asteroid.

"The symbiotes seem to actively want to be collected. Because it’s all part of their plan to come to Earth. They’re looking for planets where they can find hosts to inhabit. They’ve never really found a place where they can exist in harmony with the life forms of whatever planet they find themselves on."

Franklin continues by saying that the film will feature several kinds of symbiotes (which has been confirmed by a previous trailer). One of which, Riot specifically, is expected to bond with Dr. Carlton Drake by the end of the film. The ruthless symbiote will play the part of the film's main antagonist. Rumor has it that while Venom won't heavily feature Carnage (said to be played by  Woody Harrelson), the film will pave the way for his eventual introduction in a possible follow up movie. Cletus Kasady, on the other hand, is tipped to bond with Toxin.

"We see several different symbiotes. We’ve got different colored symbiotes. We understand that Venom isn’t just a one-off organism. This is a completely new thing for the symbiotes. The Venom symbiote finds Eddie Brock, finds he can live in equilibrium with him. That there’s a balance that can be found there."

For a time, it wasn't clear how Sony was planning to pull off a Venom film without any involvement from Peter Parker/Spider-Man, considering that his and Brock's stories are very much intertwined. Now, given Franklin's comments, it's starting to make sense what the overall narrative of the film is, although, it's admittedly still uncertain how it will all pan out. If anything, it seems like they have a good idea with what they want to do in the film, whether or not they'd be able to execute it well is another question, however. Fans would have to find out for themselves when the movie arrives early next month.

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Source: IGN

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