Venom Movie's New Logo Possibly Revealed

Away from possible Disney buyouts of Fox, fans may have just got an exciting look at the official Venom movie logo and a possible costume tease for the comic book fan-favorite. Move over Peter Parker, because it looks like there's a new guy in town.

Promising to go where no comic book movie has gone before, Mad Max star Tom Hardy will be slithering into action as Eddie Brock for Ruben Fleischer's creature feature. Helping to kick off Sony's villainverse, Venom promises to be a darker take on the world of Spider-Man than previous Marvel outings and is apparently finding its inspiration in the likes of John Carpenter's horror movies.

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Filming is already underway, and while information off the set has been relatively quiet, Collider first spotted some interesting banners at Comic Con Experience São Paulo. The latest imagery appears to not only show Venom's logo, but hints of the kind of suit Hardy will be slipping on to play the movie's tragic lead character.

Venom Movie logo

So far, Hardy had only gifted fans a few grainy shots in black and white, but the CCXP images are an exciting new development for Venom. Also, fans should note the slogan on the banners which reads "we are Venom." If this is the movie's official tagline, it further amps up the idea that Brock and his outer space symbiote are already bonded together by the time the movie gets going. The other (more interesting) possibility is the "we" somehow refers to the inclusion of Cletus Kadady aka. Carnage.

Venom movie slogan

As for Venom's all-important look, the banners also seem to quash earlier reports that Hardy would be donning the Agent Venom costume or loosely adapting the Flash Thompson backstory from the comics. However, if these images are the real deal, Fleischer is sticking with his promise of Cronenberg-esque monsters and a classic symbiote design. With such an up-close look at Venom at CCXP, does this also mean that Sony is even closer to unveiling the hulking Hardy in his full costume? Venom is set for an October 2018 release, so a big reveal could be an early Christmas present for fans of the comic book anti-hero.

Either way, Venom looks to be a dark and brooding take on the darker side of Spider-Man stories and hopefully a million miles away from Topher Grace's maligned performance in Spider-Man 3. There have been talks of a Venom solo movie ever since Raimi's original trilogy about the wall-crawling hero limped out of cinemas in 2007. It may have been a decade in the making, but it finally looks like Brock and his sinister symbiote are about to get the silver screen appreciation they deserve.

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Source: Collider

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