All The Evidence Venom Is Actually In The MCU

Will Tom Holland's Spider-Man Appear In Venom?

If Venom is actually part of the MCU, then will we get a cameo from Spider-Man? He's the originating hero, after all, and to not have him feature would feel like lip service.

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The first season of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. carefully reinforced the sense that "it's all connected" by tying in with the Marvel films as much as possible. It even featured cameos from Jaimie Alexander's Sif and Samuel L. Jackson's Nick Fury. If Sony's Spider-villain movies do indeed have a similar relationship to the main MCU films, fans could expect the same kind of approach.

Tom Holland has stressed that he'd definitely be willing to play opposite Tom Hardy. In June, he noted that he's the MCU's Spider-Man, so it would depend on whether or not Venom existed in that world. "That's not something that's up to me," he cautioned fans. Feige seemed to put an end to speculation on that point a few days later, when he told fans Spider-Man would not be appearing in Venom.

More recently, though, matters have become more intriguing. Venom producer Matthew Tolmach was asked whether or not Spider-Man would cameo in the film, and he did everything he could to avoid answering that question. All Tolmach would confirm was the blindingly obvious: "We are making a Venom movie," he explained, "And I think you'll be very pleased." Fans took note, fascinated and curious. It was a true politician's answer and caused yet more speculation.

The most recent news is a new rumor claiming Holland does indeed appear in Venom. Collider's Jon Schnepp has been claiming for months that "it only makes sense" for Sony to have Spider-Man in the films. As he argues, Sony can't reference Iron Man, Captain America, or any other characters; but they can use Spider-Man. Now, he claims that "a little birdie" has told him that "Spider-Man is gonna be in Venom". Schnepp has no information on whether or not this is a cameo, but insists Holland will appear in some form. Unfortunately, he refuses to explain his sources, so it's difficult to determine how reliable this is. The reality is that any appearance by Holland would only be a cameo, simply because Holland has been busy filming Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers 4, and is starting filming on the Homecoming sequel in June.

The MCU's Norman Osborn Is Rumored To Be Part Of The Villain Universe

In August last year, an intriguing rumor about Silver & Black added to the speculation. According to this rumor, Sony was looking to cast the part of Norman Osborn for their second Spider-villain spinoff. Crucially, though, they planned this to be a voice-only part. The stated reason for this was fascinating. According to the rumor, Sony wanted to avoid actually using the character in case Marvel Studios chose to cast a different actor in the main Spider-Man films. They wanted Osborn to become a possible link between the Sony spinoffs and the main Marvel movies.

At the very least, this suggests Sony and Marvel are trying to carefully avoid casting the same roles, and points towards some casual crossover. Indeed, Sony is carefully shaping their spinoffs so they actually can relate to the MCU, with no villain overlap - every villain with a solo movie in development is pretty much ruled out from the MCU.


Right now, the evidence is fairly inconclusive. Pascal and Feige confused the issue, and haven't really clarified anything since last June. At the same time, there are a growing number of rumors stressing that the Spider-villain films may well have some sort of relationship to the MCU. If it's confirmed that Tom Holland has indeed played a cameo in Venom, that will settle the issue once and for all. Otherwise, it's possible fans will only find out for sure when Venom is actually released in October.

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