Marvel Studios' Kevin Feige Reportedly Helped Sony With Venom

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Sony's Venom movie reportedly received some help from Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige, though the film is not officially part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In 2015, Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures struck a deal that allowed Spider-Man to join the MCU. In the years since, the studios have worked together on solo Spidey movies, but Sony's also been planning their own Marvel Comics movies separate from Spider-Man and the MCU. The first of these was Venom, starring Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock. It hit theaters last fall and grossed $856 million worldwide.

Although Venom reviews weren't resoundingly positive, the movie did earn plenty of fans and proved to be a financial success with its box office haul. As such, Sony has been relatively quick to move forward with Venom 2, which doesn't yet have a release date, but might take the studio's October 2020 date. Recently, Venom 2 set Andy Serkis to direct, so the sequel is chugging along well. While fans hoped to see Venom one day crossover into the MCU, or at least cross paths with Tom Holland's Peter Parker, it appears that may not be happening given reports of Sony and Marvel Studios parting ways. These reports also include the revelation that Marvel's Feige help Sony with Venom.

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As part of the Deadline report on Sony and Disney/Marvel's collaboration falling apart, the publication makes reference to Feige previously having discussions with Sony Pictures chief Tom Rothman about Marvel Studios having a larger role in non-MCU productions, such as Venom. Specifically, Feige "lent an unofficial hand" to Venom, but it was long before Sony landed on a final cut for the movie. In fact, Deadline reports "Rothman himself spent a good long time in the editing room" indicating whatever help Feige offered came before Rothman's work. In i09's report on the studios' current status, a Sony representative confirmed Feige contributed to other Sony Marvel movies on which he didn't receive a producer credit.

Venom 2 Tom Hardy Andy Serkis

It's not clear how much time or effort Feige put into Venom, but it comes as little surprise that Sony would want to use him as a resource since much of the MCU's success can be attributed to him. However, bringing in Feige, and Rothman's own involvement in the editing room, points to a larger problem the studio had with Venom prior to its release, and could explain Sony's desire to hire a different director for Venom 2. Ruben Fleischer directed Venom, which proved to be divisive even after Rothman and Feige's involvement (whatever the latter's was), and did not return for the sequel.

It also makes sense Feige would want to help out on non-MCU projects. Since Sony holds the rights to 900 Marvel Comics characters, there's a vast library that Marvel Studios can't touch without Sony's permission. They already have Morbius the Living Vampire and other Marvel movies in the works, not to mention a Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse animated sequel and spinoff. Sony is putting its Marvel Comics characters to work. Now it simply remains to be seen if Sony will continue to forge ahead on their own, or if the studio will come to an agreement with Disney and Marvel so they have the added benefit of Feige's expertise at their disposal. Fans will have to wait and see how future unfolds regarding the relationship between Sony and Marvel Studios - and how it does or doesn't affect the Venom sequel.

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Source: Deadline, io9

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