Sony's Venom: Jenny Slate In Talks For Scientist Role

Sony may add Jenny Slate to the cast of their upcoming Venom solo movie starring Tom Hardy. Ever since Hardy was announced to be starring in Sony's first spinoff film that will utilize their full library of Spider-Man characters, the project has continued to pick up steam. Hardy has been paired up with Zombieland director Ruben Fleischer, and the duo have helped move the project through various pre-production phases.

As a crew anxiously awaits the start of production, Sony has been working to finalize the cast more recently. Riz Ahmed was the first co-star to join the film, and Michelle Williams was the most cast recent addition. Now, the anti-hero centered comic book film has added a former Parks and Recreation alum to its ensemble.

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Variety is reporting that Jenny Slate is in negotiations to join the cast of Venom. Character details are being kept quiet for the time being, with the only information surfacing at this time that she will be a scientist. Variety reporter Justin Kroll went on to clarify on Twitter that Slate's scientist character works at a company owned by the film's villain that also likely is the holding spot of the venom symbiote the movie will showcase.

Slate is not the biggest star, but has continued to carve out nice roles for herself in her career. Hopefully this will only add to her filmography while also giving her a potential shot at a breakout role within a franchise. Most may associate Slate with her Parks and Recreation role as Mona Lisa Saperstein, but her voice may be even more recognizable at this point. She most recently lent her voice to Netflix's Big Mouth, but has also been featured in Bob's BurgersDespicable Me 3The Secret Life of Pets, and in another comic book role as Harley Quinn in The LEGO Batman Movie.

Her casting in Venom not only adds a few new wrinkles into the potential story if Variety's details are correct, but may signify the studio's turn to filling out the cast now that the major roles are filled. Hardy, Ahmed, and Williams will be the biggest roles in this film, but it sounds as though there could still be some significant work to be done with Slate's character. If she is involved with the villain and the symbiote, she could have an important supporting role in the film. After showing off more of her dramatic chops in Gifted (directed by former Amazing Spider-Man director Marc Webb), this will hopefully be a role that allows Slate to build on that, while still providing some laughs along the way.

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Source: Variety

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