New Look at Venom Movie Reportedly Arriving This Week [Updated]

The first look at Venom looks to be arriving this week. Now that 2018 is upon us, this will be the year Sony (once again) launches a potential comic book cinematic universe. The studio has continued to keep Spider-Man in the forefront, and just successfully rebooted the character as part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. With that deal thriving, Sony aims to capitalize on the brand by giving his villains a chance to shine. Kicking off this hopeful universe is the Tom Hardy led solo Venom movie.

Sony paired Hardy up with Zombieland director Ruben Fleischer, and surrounded their star with a very impressive cast. Between Riz Ahmed, Michelle Williams, and reportedly Woody HarrelsonVenom filled out nicely and has generated plenty of interest in doing so. A November release date this year has left many wondering when the first look would arrive, and it won't be long now.

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IGN is unveiling exclusive first looks at some of 2018's biggest movies all month long, and will debut something Venom related this week. Their IGN First segment recently unveiled the first trailer for Slender Man, and at the top of the page, they teased what is coming next. While they didn't say what they'll reveal, they did confirm that they will offer a "new look" at Venom in the foreseeable future. UPDATE: IGN has reached out to us to clarify that while it will be unveiling something Venom-related, it will not be debuting the "first look" at the movie proper.

Venom Inc Alpha cover

Most of the first looks IGN First has debuted have been trailers, but it is simply too early to expect a Venom trailer to arrive. It wasn't too long ago Hardy was spotted filming and fighting for control over the symbiote, so it would be quite surprising to learn Sony already has a trailer cut. What is likely coming however is the official first image from the movie. There are a few different ways Sony could approach such a reveal. They could simply debut the first cast image to highlight their talented ensemble, or it may be possible that the first look at the Venom symbiote will arrive.

A new render of Venom sparked speculation this could be what Hardy's Venom looks like, but it was later clarified to not be the case. The first logo for Venom was previously revealed, but it isn't a detailed look at how the symbiote will look in live-action. If Sony does indeed debut the suit this week, it will be the important piece of marketing that establishes the initial mindset of fans. The suit will need to impress to kick Venom off in the right way. Since there is no definitive date or time for when this first look will drop, stay tuned to Screen Rant to see whatever Venom related item is revealed.

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Source: IGN

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