Venom Starts Filming in September

Venom will be taking over Atlanta and New York City this fall, as the production is set to start in the two cities at the beginning of September. When the news broke that Spider-Man was finally joining the MCU, fans were ecstatic to have the wall crawler teaming up with the Avengers. Many were equally excited, however, about the possibility of a proper version of Venom finally hitting the screen. After all, his previous live-action incarnation in 2007's Spider-Man 3 left most moviegoers with a bad taste in their mouth.

The hopes of Venom joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe were thrown into disarray earlier this year, however, when Sony announced plans to move forward with Venom in their own shared universe. The news immediately got fans speculating as to which Venom would appear on screen and how he might connect to what we've seen so far from Marvel and Sony. And while it was unknown if the film would truly be disconnected from the MCU, yesterday brought news from Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige that the new project was indeed a separate affair. Despite the news, the project is still moving forward at Sony, and is all set to arrive in 2018.

Omega Underground have a new report indicating that Venom will begin production on September 1 in Atlanta and New York. While there's no end date yet, films typical take around four months to shoot before heading into post production. The Atlanta location isn't surprising, as it's fast becoming the go-to location for shooting a film. Spider-Man: Homecoming recently shot there, and Marvel have a whole slew of films coming to the city in the next few months.

Spider-Man Spinoff Venom Moving Forward Again at Sony

The New York location, meanwhile, means the film will be at least partially taking place in Venom's comic book stomping grounds. Of course, that only further complicates the question of how the movie will avoid addressing Spider-Man.

Despite the let-down of learning Venom won't share the screen with Spidey, there's still plenty of reason to be hopeful about the new film. For one thing, rumors have indicated Sony could be shooting for an R-Rated adaptation of the character, ensuring he's as brutal on screen as in the comics. Even more exciting, word broke recently that the movie will star Tom Hardy and be directed by Ruben Fleischer (Zombieland). Hardy's physical presence and acting skills make him the perfect actor to tackle the nuanced role, and Fleischer's background in blending horror and action with comedy could make for a highly enjoyable film.

With the film shooting soon and gunning to hit theaters next fall, we should begin learning more about the cast and story soon. As we do, a better idea of how Venom will approach the character's origin and Spider-Man should begin to emerge.

Source: Omega Underground

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