Venom Movie May Be Filming Fall 2017; Described as Horror Sci-Fi

Venom in Ultimate Spider Man.

Way back when Spider-Man 3 hadn't yet proven to be one of the most decisive superhero films of all time, Sony were keen on expanding their chunk of the Marvel universe. One of their biggest plans was to give popular anti-hero Venom his own film, but a mixture of the failure of Topher Grace's version of the character, the lambasting Spider-Man 3 received, and development hell swallowed up the project. For fans, it was bittersweet; thile they've long wanted a live-action version of Venom, they also wanted it done right. The studio later tried to float the film set in the rebooted The Amazing Spider-Man universe.

Sony finally making a deal with Marvel to bring Spidey into the MCU halted that project, but didn't quite end it; recently, we got word that a new Venom was being fast-tracked by Sony. At this point, not much is known about the film beyond that it isn't going to be connected to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. While fans have wondered how a Venom movie could work without Spider-Man, or how two universes could exist side-by-side, Sony doesn't seem worried.

My Entertainment World have just posted a production listing for Venom, indicating the film will start shooting this fall. It also states the genre will be "Action/Horror/Sci-fi".

The speed with which this project has developed may once again worrying fans that the character won't be handled properly. Marvel have spent years slowly crafting their shared universe and fleshing out their characters, while Sony has notoriously rushed their movies and plans for spinoffs multiple times already. With the faintest whiff of success for the newest version of Spidey, they seem to have jumped at the chance to profit off of Marvel's hard work. Then again, perhaps they've finally learned their lesson.

There's still a chance the new movie could be connected to the MCU, though it would require some tweaking to the origin of the character. Still, Marvel have done that themselves many times and found success, so it could work at Sony. There are also a lot of different versions of Venom, so there's no guarantee we'll see the traditional Eddie Brock arc from the comics.

On the flipside, another exciting possibility about a Venom movie is the chance for it to be R-Rated, something the genre posting could hint at. Fox have had success in this regard with Deadpool and Logan, so the horror listing for Venom could see a dark and bloody take on the character. Hopefully, we'll know more soon about the movie, as it will have to begin putting together a cast and crew quickly in order to shoot this fall.

Venom will debut in theaters on October 5, 2018.

Source: My Entertainment World

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