Venom's Production Just Got Delayed Another Month

Production on Sony's Venom solo film has been pushed once again, delaying the start of filming to the end of October. Even though Sony is currently in the tail end of Spider-Man: Homecoming's box office run - one that could make it the biggest Spider-Man film ever - they are still moving forward with plans to make a shared universe of their own. While Tom Holland stars as Spidey in the MCU, Sony's films will take place outside of that continuity. Tom Hardy is their big star and has joined the universe to play one of their most popular characters, Venom.

The movie has slowly been coming together ever since it was announced that Hardy would star and Ruben Fleischer would direct. Most recently, Riz Ahmed was linked to a role (potentially Carnage) as the film geared up for an early September start to production. However, filming was then delayed to later this month, but now has been pushed once more.

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Omega Underground has now discovered that Venom won't start shooting until October 23rd. This would give the crew almost two additional months to find specific locations within Atlanta and New York, while also giving Sony more time to put the cast together. But, the location scouting has now apparently expanded to include San Francisco according to a recent Reddit post.

This additional delay only means that fans will have to wait that much longer before seeing anything from the film. First look images and any additional information from the set should start to surface as soon as filming begins as this should be another project that is plagued with paparazzi. However, the delayed start should not have any effect on the film's release. It is currently scheduled to hit theaters on October 5, 2018, giving Sony almost exactly a year to film, edit, and promote the movie.

There have been reports that Sony is going to use these spinoffs as a way to make smaller superhero films, which could decrease the typical shooting schedule for any other superhero movie. Sony also seems like it is going to take a page from Fox's approach and diversify the genre of these films, with Venom pegged as a horror/sci-fi film that is inspired by John Carpenter and David Cronenberg.

Whether or not those influences stick with the film should become known once production is underway. In the meantime, Sony will finalize a cast that also reportedly includes She-Venom. Clearly this film will not be short on hosts for the symbiotes to latch onto, whenever it does start filming.

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Source: Omega Underground, Reddit

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