Venom Fan-Made Trailer Replaces Symbiotes With Flubber

Venom Trailer - Venom vs Riot

A new fan-made trailer for Venom replaces the symbiotes with the Flubber from Robin Williams' 1997 film. Symbiotes are a race of extraterrestrial beings which take over a host to create a superhuman. Flubber on the other hand, is a mischievous, bouncy, rubber-like substance that was discovered by Professor Philip Brainard (Williams).

On the surface, the stories for Venom and Flubber seem to be starkly different. Venom looks to be going in a rather serious direction for an anti-hero movie including some elements of horror. The film revolves around Eddie Brock who goes by the alter-ego "Venom" and develops superhuman powers after coming in contact with a symbiote life form. Flubber on the other hand is a family-friendly Disney movie that contained elements of science fiction but was in no way scary for most viewers. Usually, the idea of Flubber in a rather serious superhero movie would not mix, however, that is where the internet comes in.

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Now thanks to Nerdista Flubber and Venom mash-up trailer exists. Posted on their YouTube channel, the trailer replaces scenes from the Venom trailers with scenes from the '90s Disney flick. Williams' character Professor Brainard seems to replace Riz Ahmed's Dr. Carlton Drake, who will stand as the main antagonist in Venom. By containing scenes from both movies, the mash-up trailer is able to hilariously create a movie where Flubber takes over Brock's body rather than a symbiote. Replacing symbiotes with Flubber, would not only change the story but would also give Venom a very different looking suit. The creators of the video successfully mixed the two films together but also gave Venom a completely different look by changing his iconic black and white suit to a Green Lantern-looking green. The full trailer can be seen below.

Many movies have been mashed together for comedic purposes and this Venom and Flubber trailer is just the most recent example. What's surprising, though, is how well these two trailers can be intertwined. Since both movies involve the discovery of a new organism, both Brock and Professor Brainard's journeys can be matched up quite easily. Also, it is convenient that both the Flubber and symbiotes are goo-like substances.

The official trailers for Venom have revealed a lot of secrets for the story, but a lot is still left unknown. The character Carnage has long been rumored to be appearing in Venom since he is such an iconic villain in the Spider-Man universe. Since Woody Harrelson's character is still unknown, some people have theorized that he could be playing Carnage or that Ahmed's Riot could transform into Carnage. Recent reports have also revealed that Sony may be aiming for a PG-13 rating rather than an R rating. No matter what happens with Venom, two things are certain: One, it will be darker than most superhero movies, and two, Flubber will most certainly not play a part in the film.

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Source: Nerdist

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