Venom's Ending Explained: Lethal Protector, [SPOILER] & Sequel Plans

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WARNING: Major spoilers for Venom.

The ending of the Venom movie leaves Tom Hardy's Eddie Brock and his slithering symbiote parasite in an interesting position. No, there's no Spider-Man surprise connecting Venom to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, nor much set up for where Sony's own villain universe is heading (beyond its own sequel). Still, it's a pretty neat ending to Eddie's inaugural story that promises cooler things to come.

Venom follows Eddie Brock's first run-in with the alien symbiote, becoming its unwitting host while investigation the obviously-nefarious Life Foundation and its merciless self-made CEO Carlton Drake (Riz Ahmed). As Eddie is hunted by Life and attempts to reveal the truth, he and Venom begin to form a humorous split-personality friendship and agree to work together: to help Eddie improve his life and Venom stop evil symbiote Riot from leaving Earth and leading a war against humanity.

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There's a lot of increasingly crazy ideas going on in Venom, from man's impending extinction making us the target of aliens (something that was also the motivation for last month's The Predator) and the fight for the little man via good journalism, but the major aspect is the symbiosis of Eddie Brock and Venom, and all the morality that comes with it. So, what exactly happens in Venom's ending and what does it mean for the future? Let's take a look.

What Happens In Venom's Ending

Venom Trailer - Venom vs Riot

Riot, the host-jumping, knife-creating symbiote team leader, wants to escape Earth (after being brought here by the Life Foundation) to return to its home planet (Klyntar in the comics) so it can bring back an army. It takes control of Carlton Drake and commandeers one of the Life Foundation's rockets. Venom, however, has found an affinity with fellow loser Eddie and decides to help out humanity.

After a long fight, Venom finally beats Riot by leaking the rocket's fuel and engulfing the entire ship in flames. Fire is one of the main weaknesses of symbiotes in the comics, and while the movie focuses more on sound, it's clearly true in the movie too - Riot is engulfed and presumably killed. Venom then sacrifices himself in the explosion to keep Eddie safe... or so it seems.

The movie ends with Eddie rekindling the flame with Anne Weying (Michelle Williams), their symbiote-aided kiss leaving the door open for their relationship. Of course, he has a secret - Venom is alive after all, and together he and Eddie decide to live together and fight the real bad guys (albeit in a pretty brutal manner).

How Venom Survived

The big question from the end of Venom is how exactly the eponymous monster survived. He's seen seemingly engulfed by flames, yet it right there in Eddie's head during the next conversation with Anne.

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A rather limp solution is that he was never dead, the "goodbye" line was more symbolic/to trick audiences - something the quick editing of the entire death fakeout attests to: there's barely any time to "mourn" Venom. However, there could be more to it. It's stated repeatedly throughout the film that symbiotes protect humans and humans allow symbiotes to live on Earth: being connected to Eddie may have allowed Venom to survive, making him more powerful and providing a further reason for the pair to continue working together.

Eddie & Venom Become The Lethal Protector

At the end of Venom, the central duo reaches a new status quo. They're going to co-exist, working together to take down bad people - like the goon who robs Eddie's local minimart - shown best in the proclamation, "We are Venom".

This may seem a rather odd endpoint given Venom is typically a villain; even with the marketing drawing attention to this being an anti-hero film, this is a rather goody-two-shoes resolution. In reality, though, it's incredibly fitting. Venom is best known as a Spider-Man villain, first his parasitic Secret Wars suit and later possessing Peter Parker's work rival, but that's all over 25 years old, in which time a lot has changed around the symbiote and its mythology. Indeed, at the end of the first Eddie Brock Venom arc in Spider-Man comics, he reached a deal with the wall-crawler to not kill anyone. This ethos was carried through into Venom's solo comic, with Lethal Protector - the first six-issue arc - establishing Eddie and Venom as a darker hero for San Francisco.

Lethal Protector is one of the comics on which Venom is (loosely) based - there's the Life Foundation and multiple symbiotes in the movie, but no underground societies or Spider-Man team up - and the movie's ending honors that by putting the characters in the same place.

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And with all that said, we need to look at what comes next...

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