Venom Movie Gets Transforming Twitter Emojis Alongside of SDCC Panel

Prior to its panel at this year's San Diego Comic-Con, the Venom movie unveiled a new, transforming emoji exclusively on Twitter. Venom star Tom Hardy ultimately appeared at the panel, which was held in Hall H, and saw new footage from the film be revealed.

Directed by Ruben Fleischer, Venom is due in theaters this coming October. While the plot is still relatively mysterious, fans did learn a few new things during the panel, such as that Riz Ahmed will be playing the villain Riot, and that the titular Spider-Man villain will definitely not sport the traditional spider-symbol on his chest. The film stars Hardy in the lead role, and features a strong supporting cast, including Ahmed, Michelle Williams, Woody Harrelson and Jenny Slate.

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In a recent post on Twitter, the official Venom movie account tweeted out a message saying "We are #Venom." Accompanying the message is a gif image showing an emoji-designed Eddie Brock as he is overcome by the Venom symbiote, sharp teeth and long tongue included. This announces the arrival of an official Venom emoji that fans can now use on the social media platform.

While Spider-Man definitely exists within Sony's Venom movie universe, it remains to be seen if Tom Holland's webslinger will interact with Hardy's symbiote onscreen. Director Fleischer is hopeful that the two characters will meet eventually, but one wonders how exactly that'll happen, what with Venom's origin already having been rewritten to not include Spider-Man's involvement. Still, if Marvel and Sony want the arch rivals to cross paths bad enough, rest assured it will happen.

The above transforming emoji - coupled with the further developments during the Sony SDCC panel - will likely serve to only further excite fans for Hardy's take on the classic Marvel villain . It's been noted that Venom has the same type of feel of a werewolf movie, a hero bitten, as it were, to only become that which has the possibility to wreak havoc among enemies and friends alike. While fans have imagined worlds colliding and Spider-Man eventually meeting Venom, it won't be until October that they see where Eddie's story takes this latest screen version of the character, and where it could possibly lead next. Until then, the trailer will have to tide fans over, as further news breaks and anticipation around Sony's film continues to build.

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