20J. Jonah Jameson's Astronaut Son

Eventually it's revealed that the Riot symbiote has kept him alive, but at first, all we know is his name: Jameson.

It's hard to believe that Sony was the first to pay some kind of tribute to J. Jonah Jameson, the famed editor of New York's Daily Bugle. As the Marvel side of the Spider-Man universe has yet to follow up J. K. Simmons' portrayal since Peter is still years

away from his photojournalist job, Venom does drop the name every fan is waiting for - just... not where you expect. When the emergency vehicles arrive on the scene of the Life Foundation's crashed ship, only one member of the shuttle's screw actually survives the landing.

He is  John Jameson, the adult, astronaut son of J. Jonah, reliving his brush with space born symbiotes that fans witnessed in Spider-Man cartoon series.

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