Venom Director Had No Contact With Kevin Feige About MCU Connections

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Venom director Ruben Fleischer reveals he had no contact with Marvel or Kevin Feige at any point during production. Ever since Sony announced plans for a solo Venom movie, there’s been confusion over how closely the project would be linked with the Marvel Cinematic Universe – if at all. Producer Amy Pascal claimed the movie took place in the same world as the MCU, but it was later clarified there were no real story ties to it. There were also rumors Spider-Man star Tom Holland would cameo as Peter Parker to set up a future crossover.

Fans who eagerly awaited Venom were also recently let down when it was confirmed the movie would be PG-13 instead of R. Cast and crew interviews about the project seemed to indicate it would a mature, gory affair, but the team behind the movie have backtracked on that in recent weeks, insisting it was always intended to be PG-13. Reports suggest this move is also intended to bring the movie in line with the MCU, and encourage future crossovers between Venom and other characters in the MCU.

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If Sony is hoping for Venom to mix it up with other characters, it might be expected they’ve at least had some conversations with Marvel about it. This doesn’t appear to be the case, with Venom director Ruben Fleischer revealing in an interview with Metro that he had no contact with Kevin Feige or Marvel at any stage, stating plainly 'No. Not in any way.' The director admits the production was completely separate from Marvel, but there’s still a chance for future collaboration:

"I hope that at some point they will be able to crossover. But for us the entire process was self-contained."

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While early word of mouth on Venom isn’t great, the movie is still tracking to do big numbers, so at the very least a Venom sequel is likely. Maybe the performance of the movie will encourage Marvel to bring the character over into one of their projects, but for the time being, Sony appears content to build their own universe of Spider-Man villains. Next up with be the Jared Leto vehicle Morbius, which will be directed by Life's Daniel Espinosa.

Venom star Tom Hardy recently spoke about how he’d like a future Venom movie to go R-rated. Hardy feels the character can be made suitable for both teenage and mature audiences, and that he’d also like to see the character mixing it with The Avengers and other MCU staples.

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Source: Metro

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