Confirmed: Venom DOESN'T Have Spider-Symbol On His Chest

It's now been confirmed that Tom Hardy's Venom won't be comic-book-accurate in one crucial respect; his symbiotic form won't bear the spider-symbol. Sony Pictures' Venom may be an origin story for the tongue-slavering antihero, but the studio has rewritten the classic comic book version for the big screen.

Sony doesn't appear to want - or be able to - use Spider-Man in the film, meaning this version of the Venom symbiote never bonded with Peter Parker. While smart storytelling will allow Venom to become the wall-crawler fans know and love, that nonetheless means there will be real differences between the Venom of the comics and the one seen on the big screen.

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Footage shown at San Diego Comic-Con 2018 has confirmed that this will lead to one very visible change. In general, Sony's Venom is remarkably comic book accurate, with a pitch-black costume that looks strangely organic. In the comics, though, this costume is complemented by a massive white spider-symbol, adding a sense of contrast to Venom's appearance. This is entirely absent from the movie version of Venom.

The sad truth is that, from a story perspective, this absence makes perfect sense. In the comics, there's a simple reason the spider-symbol is on Venom's chest. It's because the symbiote's first human host was actually Peter Parker, and it simulated a black Spider-Man costume on Peter's behalf. Peter eventually rejected the symbiote when he realized that it was affecting his hormones and making him more aggressive. That left a deep psychological scar upon the symbiote, leading to its bearing the spider-symbol in almost all future iterations. Naturally, given Spider-Man doesn't actually seem to be in Venom at all, the big-screen version of the symbiote will never bond with Peter. It would make absolutely no sense for the symbiote to then generate a spider-symbol. Instead, this version of Venom is simply pitch-black, with the only whites being the highlights around his eyes.

Oddly enough, there is still a comic book precedent for this look. The modernized "Ultimate Comics" version of Venom doesn't have a symbol either; what's more, just as in the Venom trailer, this version tended to use symbiotic tendrils rather than webs. These comics portrayed the symbiote as more of a monster in its own right, rather than a being that had been scarred by rejection. It's entirely possible the movie version of Venom lifts liberally from the Ultimate Comics range, which would certainly fit with the changed visuals.

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