Venom Comic-Con Trailer: Why Didn't Sony Release It Online?

Venom Trailer at Comic-Con

A new trailer for Venom debuted at Sony's San Diego Comic-Con 2018 panel - but it hasn't been released online. Although Marvel Studios are sitting out SDCC this year, that doesn't mean there are no characters from the House of Ideas represented. Deadpool 2 will unveil it's extended cut, while Spider-Man was the focus of Sony's panel in the form of Into The Spider-Verse and Venom.

The latter had become one of the most anticipated movies of the entire Comic-Con weekend. Starring Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock, the first movie of Sony's attempted Spider-Villain universe has raised some eyebrows, but after the design of the symbiote was seen in the previous trailer many dissenters have come around on the project. However, while a lot of exciting news did come out of the SDCC panel - including the announcement that Riot is (one of) the symbiote villains, confirmation that Tom Hardy won't have the white spider-symbol and a tease of a Tom Holland crossover down the line - there wasn't the expected Venom trailer.

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The Venom footage which screened to those in the Hall H panel was described as an extended trailer, featuring copious shots of Hardy in action. including him biting off heads as well as him going up against Riot. But, for now, fans outside San Diego will have to make do with descriptions.

Why Wasn't The Venom Comic-Con Trailer Released Online?

Of course, it's not uncommon for trailers that screen at Comic-Con to not make their way online. In fact, traditionally most footage was con-exclusive, with the shift to online releases only coming in recent years as a move to combat leaks. However, with Venom just over two months away from release and the previous trailer having come out at the end of April, it felt like we were long overdue a new look. Comic-Con would be a perfect time to drop one, especially as Mission: Impossible - Fallout releases next week.

However, the trailer at the Venom panel wasn't actually ready for wide release. Per the descriptions, the Venom trailer shown at Comic-Con wasn't complete, with many shots using unfinished CGI. This means that not only was the trailer intended solely for Hall H, it's not actually in a state to be shown wide (contrast to Suicide Squad's extended first look, which Warners released after it leaked in 2015).

That doesn't explain why Sony didn't just cut a releasable trailer, but evidently now wasn't the time for them to enter the next stage of the campaign - and that's somewhat understandable. Venom's already had two trailers - a teaser in February and a full look in April - so the next one will surely come alongside tickets going on sale, something that's still a way off.

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When Will The Next Venom Movie Trailer Release?

So, when will fans the world over get to see the next footage from Venom? The studio hasn't made any announcements, but we can make an educated based on trailer release trends; they tend to release alongside big movies to ensure they get into as many eyeballs as possible. As Sony seems to be skipping Mission: Impossible - Fallout, then the next big tentpole opportunity is The Predator on September 14, just three weeks before Venom hits theaters. This is a perfect position: if the Venom trailer was to pair with that Fox release, it would likely drop the week before and thus just under a month ahead of its release. That's a suitable time to also put tickets on sale.

The week starting September 3 is the best bet for the next Venom trailer, although Sony may choose to go with a surprise tactic, or release a TV spot in the meantime. Whenever it does come, at least there are many more trailers to expect from SDCC 2018 over the rest of the weekend.

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