Venom: Jenny Slate & Scott Haze Characters Possibly Revealed

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Details about the characters played by Scott Haze and Jenny Slate in Sony's Venom movie have possibly been revealed. It's only been a year since Sony announced it was once again attempting to make a Venom solo film, this time with Tom Hardy in the lead and Ruben Fleischer (Zombieland) directing. Unlike the last time, the project has been moving forward on schedule and is now well into production. Sony has even released the first image from Venom, seemingly confirming that multiple Symbiotes (specifically, the infamous five Symbiotes from the comics) will be included as part of the movie's storyline.

Michelle Williams has also been spotted on the Venom set playing the character Ann Weying, while previously leaked set images have seemingly confirmed that Riz Ahmed's Venom movie role will not be that of the villainous Carnage, as long rumored. The Venom movie is also confirmed to be drawing heavily from the Venom: Lethal Protector comic book series - though that alone doesn't guarantee that cast members like Ahmed, Slate, and Haze are playing characters that were part of the original Lethal Protector story arc, too.

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MCU Exchange is now claiming that Slate's Venom movie role is that of Dora Skirth, an original character who works at The Life Foundation. It's expected that, like in the comics, the film version of The Life Foundation will be responsible for creating a new breed of Symbiotes, and that this will fuel Venom's evolution from supervillain to anti-hero in the movie. Haze, meanwhile, is reportedly playing Roland Treece, a board member of The Life Foundation, as well as a character pulled straight from the comics.

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MCU Exchange is also reporting that Dr. Collins and Dr. Emerson from the Lethal Protector comic series will appear in the Venom movie, though the site hasn't revealed who's playing them yet. Venom still has a few weeks left of filming to go, so it's possible that additional casting announcements and/or updates will be arriving within the next month, in turn shedding light on some of these lingering questions.

Perhaps the bigger question when it comes to Venom is whether the movie is considered part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe or not. Since the film's announcement, fans have been scratching their head wondering how Sony could tell a Venom story without Spider-Man. It has been reported that Tom Holland will appear in Venom, but as Peter Parker only and not suited up as Spider-Man. If accurate, then this would be a way for Sony to connect the film to the MCU without raising too many continuity problems or issues in the process. As always, we will keep you posted.

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Source: MCU Exchange

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