How the Venom Movie Changes The Character’s Comic Book Origin

Tom Hardy's version of Eddie Brocks receives a different origin story in Ruben Fleischer's Venom movie than what comic book fans are used to.

Sony is going to change Venom's origin from the comic books. After attempting to launch a cinematic universe before, Sony's hopes now turn to Tom Hardy and Marvel's fan-favorite Spidey anti-hero Venom. Hardy stars in the upcoming release as Eddie Brock, who becomes the host for the Venom symbiote. In the comics, Venom's origin is heavily connected to Spider-Man and his own use of the symbiote. For the actual Venom movie, though, that won't be the case.

Despite Sony working with Marvel to get Tom Holland's Spider-Man into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, no such partnership is happening with Venom. This has raised plenty of questions over how the film will bring Venom to life properly without the wall-crawler, even though rumors continue to say Holland may have a cameo. Now, the team behind Venom is opening up on how they're going to make this iteration new and without Spider-Man.

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IGN spoke to Venom's VFX supervisor Paul Franklin on the set of the movie and discussed this new vision. Franklin wouldn't get too deep into specifics on what they are changing, but he did tease the general guide to how they are approaching Venom and his story. Additionally, Sony released a new international poster for Venom, which can be seen below Franklin's explanation.

"We show how the Venom symbiote came to Earth, how Eddie Brock got to meet the symbiote, how it bonded with him, and then ultimately became the Venom character that we all know from the comics."

Fans of Venom from the comics shouldn't be surprised at this stage that Venom won't be an accurate representation of his classic origin. The movie is still keeping the outer space nature of the symbiote, but it won't be brought to Earth by Spider-Man this time. This will inherently change what brings Eddie Brock into contact with the symbiote and how they bond together. Although Franklin teases Venom becoming a comic-faithful interpretation, that will have to come through his characteristics - as he won't have the white Spider-Man logo on his chest, as people can see in the poster. But, for fans wanting some comic-accurate Venom merchandise, Hasbro has them covered with these new figures (not based on the movie).

Hasbro previously unveiled a few of these Venom figures, but there's still new details from the photos above. The Venom and Carnage figures have been revealed to have secondary heads that unmask the hosts. There's also a monster Venom figure - one for Poison, and Scream. These aren't based on the Venom movie and thus shouldn't be viewed as confirmation that any of these characters will appear in the upcoming blockbuster or look this way. That said, Carnage is rumored to be included and Scream is part of the Lethal Protector comic-run that Venom is taking inspiration from, so maybe both will appear in some form.

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Sources: IGN, Sony, Hasbro

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