Only The Brave Actor Scott Haze In Talks For Sony’s Venom

Scott Haze is the latest actor to join the cast of Venom. As the studio looks to launch a superhero universe of their own, they are kicking it off with the biggest character to which they own the rights. In doing so, versatile star Tom Hardy has joined as Venom in his second superhero project, this time turning closer to the good side by playing anti-hero Eddie Brock. The movie will be an R-rated superhero film, and was described early on in the process as a horror sci-fi film.

Even though the movie comes out in less than a year, production has not yet begun on Venom following a few delays. Sony has used this extra time to fill out the cast, making new additions on a weekly basis. Now, they've filled what is sure to be another supporting role with an actor they've recently worked with.

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THR is reporting that actor Scott Haze has joined Venom, but just like every other casting that has come before, character details are being kept under wraps for now. Haze can be seen alongside Miles Teller, Josh Brolin, and more in Sony's Only the Brave this weekend, and will appear again (next to Teller) in Thank You For Your Service in a few weeks.

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Haze is the latest supporting role to be filled, following right on the heels of Veep's Reid Scott landing a Venom role. Meanwhile, Jenny Slate was cast as a scientist, but it will be Michelle Williams who takes on the female lead role. Thanks to previous Venom character breakdowns, Williams' casting points to her potentially being She-Venom.

The biggest unanswered question when it comes to casting is who will portray Carnage, who is confirmed to be the main villain of the movie. Early reports were contradictory in stating that Riz Ahmed would play Carnage once he was cast, and there has yet to be any clarification if that is indeed Ahmed's role. If it is not, then maybe Sony is looking to give Haze his big shot after possibly impressing them on Only the Brave and have made him the main villain.

As we wait for more updates on casting, more details on the film have continued to surface in recent weeks. Venom hired the stunt coordinators from John Wick and Captain America: Civil War, and had another draft of the script completed by Kelly Marcel. On the heels of this news, it was also reported that the movie may be adapting the Lethal Protector storyline from the comics, giving fans some indication of where the movie is heading.

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Source: THR

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