Venom: Michelle Williams in Talks to Play the Female Lead

Four time Oscar-nominee Michelle Williams is in talks to join the Venom cast, opposite Tom Hardy. Sony is still reaping the benefits of its partnership with Marvel Studios on Spider-Man: Homecoming, but are quickly moving to establish a shared universe of their own - one that will not be part of the MCU or feature Tom Holland's Peter Parker. To kick off this new cinematic universe, they've brought Hardy into the fold to headline Venom and paired him up with Zombieland director Rueben Fleischer.

For a long time, Hardy was the only cast member attached to the project, until it was revealed that Riz Ahmed was in talks to join him. Not only does it appear as though Ahmed's deal has closed, but Sony has also possibly found their leading lady for this film in Williams.

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Variety is reporting that Williams is in talks to play the female lead in Venom. While no character name was released, the report says she's up to portray a district attorney and possible love interest to Hardy's Eddie Brock. Williams has been nominated for four Oscars in her career, including a nomination last year for her role in Manchester by the Sea. One of her next projects will be Ridley Scott's All the Money in the World (also for Sony), so the studio appears keen to the idea of keeping her around.

Michelle Williams in Certain Women

Even though no character name was confirmed, Williams' role could very well be that of Anne Weying aka She-Venom. It was previously reported that Weying would be appearing in the Venom movie in some capacity, and the description used from this report lines up well with her comic persona. In the comics, she is a lawyer and ex-wife to Eddie Brock, so describing her as a district attorney and love interest falls right in line with that.

While Weying does become a host of the venom symbiote at a point in the comics, fans should probably not expect her to do so in the film. It could be explored briefly or left alone for a potential sequel, but in either case would give Williams a big role to play in the movie. Venom is an anti-hero after all, so audiences will need to feel some level of compassion and connection with him. Hence, giving Brock a personal life with Weying would be a smart move in that respect. Plus, it is never a bad thing to add a multiple Oscar-nominee to the mix of any comic book movie.

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Source: Variety

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