Venom: Deleted Tom Hardy Post Supports Carnage Rumors

A deleted post from Tom Hardy's Instagram may confirm the Venom movie will feature the character's nemesis, Carnage. While the film's story is still closely under wraps, there have been plenty of behind the scenes images, as well as the first official still - nothing which indicates just who or what Hardy's Eddie Brock will be going up against.

Carnage's human host is Cletus Kasady, a homicidal sadist who bonded with the Venom symbiote. Originally created by writer David Michelinie, the Venom symbiote was intended to bond with a series of hosts after Michelinie killed off Brock in The Amazing Spider-Man comics. But thanks to a dedicated fan base, both Venom and Brock lived on and Carnage became a darker version of the Spider-Man antagonist. As speculation about the Venom film continues, fans have been pushing for Carnage to be involved in some capacity.


According to ComicBook a recently deleted post from Tom Hardy might confirm fans' hopes about the film. Hardy took to social media to spotlight a piece of Carnage and Venom fan art. While he eventually deleted the post from social media, it has stoked the fire of speculation thanks to eagle-eyed fans who put together that the first official still has an Easter egg about the "life foundation" and their five symbiotes. The five symbiotes are a major part of the Venom comic book storyline Lethal Protector, the basis for the film.

Venom - Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock

While Riz Ahmed was originally rumored to be playing Carnage, chances are he'll be playing Carlton Drake, CEO of the life foundation, who began the experiments on the Venom parasite to create the "five symbiotes" described in the Lethal Protector comic series. The film also stars Michelle Williams as Anne Weying, Brock's ex-wife, as well as  Jenny Slate and Woody Harrelson in an unconfirmed role.

With no casting for Carnage, it's plausible Hardy might have just been sharing a cool piece of fan art that would hint at a future battle with the fan-favorite antagonist. There's a lot to be done with a Venom series of films from seeing Michele Williams transform into She-Venom to watching the five symbiotes develop. Carnage could be saved for a later film especially with the tight schedule that Venom has been on.

It's also possible that Riz Ahmed could be playing Carnage as Carlton Drake, becoming an even bigger antagonist for Brock. Speculation like that is likely the reason for Hardy removing the photo - it's enough of a tease for fans to get speculation brewing, but the idea that Ahmed could be the hoped-for antagonist or become him at the end of the film would be a wonderful surprise. Fans will have to wait to see the movie to find out.


Source: ComicBook

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