What The Venom Movie’s Carnage Could Look Like

Popular fan artist BossLogic has revealed his own rendering of what Carnage could look like in Sony's upcoming Venom movie. The longtime Marvel fan favorite isn't the main villain in the Tom Hardy-starring Venom - that would be Riz Ahmed's Dr. Carlton Drake of the Life Foundation. But Carnage is reportedly involved in the film in some capacity, and there's even an unconfirmed rumor that Woody Harrelson will be playing Cletus Kasady, the sociopathic serial killer who bonds with the Symbiote to become Carnage.

The first full trailer is finally out for Venom, as is the first look at Eddie Brock transforming into the Symbiote alien being. There's little surprise to the character's appearance, as Sony appeared to go with the classic look without doing anything drastic. It's unknown what Carnage is going to look like - but BossLogic decided to take a stab at it with a new piece of original art.

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You can check out BossLogic's latest work below, via the artist's Twitter account. There's nothing wildly different about Carnage's appearance here, either, but it's an uncommonly detailed and realistic-looking version of the bloodthirsty villain, who has never appeared in a live-action feature-length movie. It's clear that BossLogic drew inspiration from the Hardy version of Venom to create something similar for Carnage, based on the shape of the eyes and the character's skin texture. His Carnage fan art comes nearly a full year after he released what he believes Hardy would look like transforming into Venom.

Carnage! #VenomMovie @VenomMovie

— BossLogic (@Bosslogic) April 24, 2018

BossLogic has long been well-known for his unofficial, often hypothetical concept art, as well as his fan posters. He recently rendered his own version of A Quiet Place's John Krasinski and Emily Blunt as Reed Richards and Sue Storm from the Fantastic Four, as well as what Gabriel Luna could look like as a Terminator.

There are still plenty of details that are under wraps about Venom, which is slated to be released on Oct. 5. Carnage is among the movie's greatest mysteries. It's unclear how deep the villain's involvement will be in the film, but many fans would certainly be disappointed if it's no more than a cameo appearance. Taking into account how Venom actually looks, there's a chance that BossLogic's version of Carnage turns out to be quite accurate.

There's also a chance that Carnage ends up looking more like the Hasbro action figure already released ahead of the movie. But it's also likely that he doesn't look as bright and cartoonish as the toy. BossLogic's' especially dark, sinister version of Carnage hearkens back to the character's appearance in comics like 2004's Venom vs. Carnage. Perhaps their battle in that storyline provides some visual and narrative inspiration for what's to come in Carnage's first live-action appearance in Venom.

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Source: BossLogic

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