Venom Has Outgrossed EVERY X-Men Movie

Venom continues to pull in lots of money at the worldwide box office and has now outgrossed every X-Men movie ever released. When it was announced that Sony Pictures would be producing a live-action Venom movie for the big screen, many people didn't take it too seriously - and there are multiple reasons for that. Sony has been trying to put together a Venom movie for several years now, so hearing about it again wasn't too surprising. Plus, the fact that Spider-Man wasn't going to be in it was a factor in people believing the movie would flop.

Of course, Venom has been anything but a flop. Despite earning overwhelmingly negative reviews from film critics, Venom seemed to still attract general audiences in droves. Perhaps that's because of the character's name recognition or due to Tom Hardy's star status, but whatever the reason is for people turning up at the theater, Venom has become an outstanding box office success. It not only broke the October opening weekend record in the United States but is also one of the highest grossing superhero movies ever to release in China.

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Thanks to continuous traffic in China (via entgroup), Venom now has earned at least $783.86 million at the worldwide box office (not counting for Monday's domestic box office gross), which means it has now earned more money globally than any X-Men franchise movie ever released, including Tim Miller's Deadpool, which earned $783.1 million in 2016. Considering that this is a spinoff movie that many people thought would fail, it's surely surprising to see it perform not only well enough to justify its existence but also surpass one of the longest-running superhero franchises out there.

However, it's worth noting that Venom still hasn't beaten every X-Men movie with regards to domestic gross. By its seventh weekend, Venom earned approximately $210 million in the United States, which isn't something that will go much higher as more and more blockbuster and holiday movies release. That places Venom between X-Men Origins: Wolverine ($179.8 million) and X2: X-Men United ($214.9 million), both of which would have much higher grosses when adjusting for ticket price inflation. Regardless of Venom not performing as well as other superhero movies domestically, it made enough in the U.S. alone to justify its estimated $100 million production budget.

Furthermore, at approximately $784 million worldwide, Venom has now passed Sam Raimi's Spider-Man 2 ($783.8 million, unadjusted), after previously passing Marc Webb's The Amazing Spider-Man ($757.9 million) and The Amazing Spider-Man 2 ($709 million). Needless to say, Sony Pictures has a win on their hands, and it seems more likely now that Venom 2 will happen at some point, not to mention all of their other Spider-Man spinoff movies that are in development.

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