Does Venom Have An After-Credits Scene (And How Many)?

Spiderman and Venom

Is it worth waiting through to the very end of Venom for one final after-credits scene? The latest Marvel movie is a little different; directed by Ruben Fleischer and starring Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock, Venom isn't directly connected to the Marvel Cinematic Universe but instead intends to start a new franchise focusing on Spider-Man's many villains.

The movie itself is rather light on set up for this. We follow Eddie as he investigates the nefarious Life Foundation and is infected by an alien symbiote CEO Carlton Drake has recovered from space. This is Venom, and it transforms Eddie into a super-strong, transforming super-antihero. When the movie comes to a close, there's definitely teases for Venom 2, but little in terms of the wider world. Should you stick around until the end of the credits?

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Just like a Stan Lee cameo, Venom not being in the MCU doesn't mean there isn't an extra treat. In fact, fitting of the hero, there's double: Venom has two after-credits scenes. The most important one takes place in the middle of the credits, after the first names and Eminem's rap. Then, after the main scroll, there's another post-credits scene. Importantly, there is still some credits after that second scene, but there is no final stinger.

As for whether Venom's post-credits scenes - which we won't spoil here - are worth waiting for, that depends on where your Spider-Man interests lie. The first is a direct tease for Venom 2 and, as a pretty awesome scene on its own, really must be seen. The second is rather unrelated and more for fans of the wider Spider-franchise. If you're only interested in Venom and this universe, you can safely leave after the second (although we'd still recommend sticking around).

If you're hungry for more Venom, you may be in luck. The box office projections for the movie are in the $175 million range worldwide, and with a budget of $100 million, that means the film will be going to be in profit very soon. Both Fleischer and Hardy are keen to make a Venom 2, and signs point that it could happen. Before that, though, there may also be another villain movie: Jared Leto's Morbius.

If you've seen the film and are intrigued by what's in Venom's after-credits scenes, be sure to stick with Screen Rant for a range of pieces exploring everything in the movie and beyond.

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