The Venom Movie: Trailer, Cast, Everything We Know

With more and more news arriving for Sony's Venom movie, here's every update you need for this year's big Spider-Man spinoff film.

Venom brings the titular Marvel Comics character to the big screen for the first time since 2007's Spider-Man 3 and stars Tom Hardy as reporter Eddie Brock. Directed by Zombieland's Ruben Fleischer, it's being positioned as a launching pad for Sony's own Marvel franchise - and may or may not be connected to the MCU. We've collected everything you need to know about Venom, from its cast to story details.

  • Release Date: October 5, 2018
  • Cast: Tom Hardy, Riz Ahmed, Michelle Williams, Jenny Slate, Woody Harrelson
  • Director: Ruben Fleischer
  • Writer: Jeff Pinkner, Scott Rosenberg

Last Updated: July 31, 2018.

Venom Movie Cast Stars Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock

After news broke that Sony were planning a Venom solo movie, talk quickly turned to which version of the character we would see and who would play him. Though many heroes and villains have worn the Venom Symbiote in the comics, Sony chose to go with Eddie Brock. The original Venom and the first to don the Symbiote after Spider-Man discarded it, Brock will be brought to life by venerable actor Tom Hardy (Inception, Dunkirk). The casting has already won praise from fans and assured many the film is on the right track.

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Venom Movie Villain is The Life Foundation

Despite being the protagonist of the film, Venom walks the line between hero and villain. Though he’s certainly helped fight larger threats, he remains firmly in Spider-Man’s Rogues Gallery. As such, the foe he faces in his first film will need to be even more dangerous than he is. While famed antagonist Carnage has long been rumored, he will not be the main villain of Venom. That role falls to the ruthless Life Foundation, led by Riz Ahmed's Carlton Drake. The Life Foundation discovers the symbiote and conducts tests on people, and Eddie investigates them.

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Venom Movie Features Riot

Venom was a key part of Sony's Hall H panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2018, where new footage was screened for attendees. The biggest revelation to come from the presentation is that the film will feature Riot, a symbiote that jumps from host to host. It is believed Riz Ahmed's character (who heads the Life Foundation) will become Riot at one point. Based on the footage, Riot is positioned as a villain for Venom to fight against.

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Carnage Rumored to Be Played By Woody Harrelson

Just because Carnage isn't the main villain doesn't mean he won't be in the film at all. It's speculated Academy Award nominee Woody Harrelson will play Cletus Kasady in a bit part primarily to set up a sequel. This hasn't been confirmed yet, and likely won't be until the movie is released in the fall.

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Venom Movie Story

While there isn't an official Venom synopsis, the recently-released trailer outlines the basic plot, giving fans an idea of what the film is about. Eddie Brock is a journalist who appears to be doing an investigative exposé on the Life Foundation, asking them questions about allegations concerning their amoral methods. Along the way, he encounters the symbiote and bonds with it, creating Venom. More specific details about the narrative are unknown at this point in time.

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Venom Movie Trailer Has Been Released (And Has Venom!)

With the film's October release date right around the corner, Sony is gearing up for a big marketing push. After promoting Venom at San Diego Comic-Con 2018, a new trailer has been released. In stark contrast from the original teaser, this one shows plenty of the titular character in action, as he does battle against Riot and threatens to eat victims.

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Tom Hardy's Venom Look

Whenever a comic book adaptation comes out, the costumes of the main characters are always put under intense fan scrutiny. Especially after Topher Grace's maligned iteration in Spider-Man 3, people are desperate to see Venom done "right" on the big screen. From the looks of it, Tom Hardy's version may be what they needed. Not everyone is overly impressed, but the shot of the character fully suited looks very comics accurate and the CGI is impressive.

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Spider-Man is Not in The Venom Movie

venom vs spider-man

One of the biggest questions about the Venom movie is how it will be made without featuring Spider-Man. Though we’ve heard Tom Holland is keen to work with Tom Hardy, we’ve learned definitively that Spider-Man will not appear in Venom. Considering the Symbiote, Venom’s origin, and Eddie Brock are all linked to Spidey, it’s unknown how the film will address this. On the one hand, Venom may skip the origin story and merely allude to the character’s comic backstory. Barring that, Sony may just rewrite Venom’s history altogether.

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Venom Movie is Not in the MCU

For months, Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige and Venom producer Amy Pascal have been making statements about the upcoming Sony spinoff and its connection to the MCU. While Spider-Man exists in the same world as the Avengers, it seems that Venom doesn’t. We’ve heard it said that the two characters exist in the same reality, but not in the same cinematic universe. What this means exactly, only time will tell.

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Venom Movie is Part of “Sony’s Marvel Universe”

Though Venom isn’t part of the MCU, it will help to kickoff Sony’s own Marvel Universe. Along with the proposed Venom movie, word is the studio will also be pursuing other villain solo films. Silver & Black, focusing on Silver Sable and Black Cat, is already in the works. Meanwhile, word recently emerged that spinoffs featuring Kraven the Hunter and Mysterio are also on the horizon—hinting at the possibility of a Sinister Six movie in the future. With Sony owning the rights to a vast number of Spider-Man characters, there’s no limit to the amount of interesting films they could make.

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Venom Movie is Going to Be Rated R

Eddie Brock As Venom

As soon as Venom was announced, fans began hoping and wishing the character would be given the R-Rated treatment. Given that Sony are proposing a Venom vs Carnage movie, anything less than an R rating would be disappointing. While there’s been no official word yet, a report a few months back indicated that Sony was indeed pursuing an R rating for the film. With Fox finding R-Rated success in Deadpool and Logan, it makes sense for Sony to try their hand at it.

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Venom Movie Poster is Now Available

As has become standard for Hollywood marketing, the release of the new trailer coincided with the unveiling of a theatrical poster. For Venom, Sony went with a simple design that shows Eddie Brock giving himself over to the symbiote, transforming into Venom. The tagline tells the viewer to embrace their inner anti-hero.

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Venom Movie is Completely New

Topher Grace as Venom

While the MCU is focusing solely on Spider-Man rogues we haven’t seen before on film, Sony will have to compete with Spider-Man 3’s incarnation of Venom. Like the poorly received take on Deadpool from X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Topher Grace’s take on Eddie Brock failed to impress casual moviegoers and diehard fans. As such, Sony are going to make sure their new film has nothing to do with the previous Venom or the more recent Amazing Spider-Man films.

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Venom Movie Director is Ruben Fleischer

Emma Stone as Wichita in Zombieland

With the announcement that Hardy would be starring in Venom, word also came that Ruben Fleischer would be helming the spinoff film. Best known as the director of Zombieland—written by the same writers as Deadpool, incidentally—Fleischer’s involvement means plenty of action, gore, and likely even some comedy. Though Venom isn’t known for laughs, Carnage has a certain dark sense of humor that's bound to be on display. Fleischer’s work on films like Gangster Squad and 30 Minutes or Less further prove he can handle action, a prerequisite for any big comic book film.

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Venom Movie Writers Are Jeff Pinkner and Scott Rosenberg

Tackling the script for Venom are a pair of writers well-versed in genre films. Jeff Pinkner is best known for his work on shows like Lost and Fringe, but he also wrote the story and screenplay for Amazing Spider-Man 2. Later this year, his work will also be on display in The Dark Tower. Scott Rosenberg has long worked with Pinkner. They share writing duties on the series Zoo and both wrote the script for the new Jumanji. Rosenberg’s past work on Con Air and Gone in 60 Seconds should also help when it comes to crafting Venom’s action scenes.

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