KISS's Gene Simmons Cracks Venom Movie Joke

Gene Simmons of KISS tweeted a joke about the Venom movie that pokes fun at the singer's famous on-stage antics. Simmons and Venom both have a reputation for sticking their tongue out.

Directed by Ruben Fleischer (Zombieland), Venom stars Tom Hardy as the titular Spider-Man villain. The film follows journalist Eddie Brock as he investigates the dangerous experiments being conducted at a scientific research facility called the Life Foundation. After bonding with an alien symbiote that possesses a personality and goals of its own, Brock becomes Venom and gains super powers. After the first trailer for the film, many fans were left disappointed that Venom was nowhere in sight. The full trailer for Venom, which released on Monday, featured plenty of symbiote action, and finally gave us our first look at Venom's face, complete with his signature long slimy tongue.

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Gene Simmons, co-lead singer and bassist for KISS, tweeted the words, "Son? Is that you?" along with an image of Venom from the trailer. The tweet is a funny reference to the rock star's history of sticking out his unusually long tongue while performing songs with KISS as his on-stage persona, "The Demon". During the 1970s, Simmons' trademark tongue was so famous that it became the subject of a popular - but false - rumor that he actually had a cow tongue grafted onto his own to increase its length. Another rumor is that he had a muscle under his tongue "snipped" so that it would protrude further from his mouth.

This isn't the first time Simmons has been linked with the comic book anti-hero. A great deal of fan art with Simmons and Venom can be found online, which shows that Venom's tongue has reminded fans of the rock star for years.

It's quite possible that Simmons enjoys the comparisons, as the musician is a huge comic book fan with a massive collection of both DC and Marvel comics. In fact, Simmons had admitted that his wings were "completely stolen" from Jack Kirby's design of the Inhuman king, Black Bolt. Simmons' love for comics led him to ask Stan Lee about making a KISS comic book, which became Marvel Comics Super Special in 1977. The comic was actually printed with red ink mixed with blood from Simmons and the other members of the band. Simmons and KISS have appeared in other comics as well, including a crossover series with The Evil Dead.

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