Marvel Heroes Head To VENOM ISLAND in New Comic Covers

Venom Island Marvel Comic

The heroes of the Marvel Universe may be reeling from the chaotic twists of the Absolute Carnage event, but the next symbiote storyline is already being teased. Venom's next arc has been revealed with the mysterious title Venom Island... and Eddie Brock is getting some help to prove just how deadly his next adventure will be!

The heroes joining Eddie (at least in spirit) as he struggles to survive on the eponymous island star in a range of newly revealed variant covers, released with the rest of Marvel's December 2019 solicitations. If fans have ever wondered how Wolverine, Gambit, the Fantastic Four, and even Apocalypse himself would fare against a swarm of symbiotes, the covers offer the answers--hyping the Venom Island storyline set to begin in December with Venom #21.

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The details of Venom Island are currently a mystery, but we can't help but notice a similarity to the title of the 2011 Spider-Man story, Spider-Island, as told by writer Dan Slott. The story line began in The Amazing Spider-Man and crossed over into other comic books, most being limited series and one-shots. Most exciting for fans of Venom and his fellow symbiotes, the plot of the event included the people of Manhattan Island somehow gaining powers similar to Spider-Man. Could Eddie have more competition as the next symbiote host?

Venom Island Comic Cover Eddie

With the current run of Absolute Carnage enlisting an endless cast of Marvel heroes, and coming off the heels of the Venomverse event in 2017 which also saw a large supporting cast, some might hope that Venom Island will be a self-contained story. The Venom lore has been developed through several big events lately, offering Eddie and his beloved symbiote a chance to grow as characters throughout. But the time is right for Eddie and his Other to come to terms with everything that's changed between them, from Eddie's secret son Dylan Brock, to whatever damage is done before Absolute Carnage concludes. Not to mention remind readers that while a lot of Marvel heroes have worn a symbiote, there is something about Eddie's bond that can't be replicated. Find the full list of Venom Island variant covers for the nine total books, and the early artwork below:

  • Amazing Spider-Man #36 by Declan Shalvey
  • Black Cat #7 Otto Schmidt
  • Captain Marvel #13 by Joshua Cassara
  • Excalibur #3 by Koi Pham
  • Excalibur #4 Kael Ngu
  • Fantastic Four #17 by Carlos Gomez
  • Miles Morales: Spider-Man #13 by Edward Petrovich
  • Valkyrie: Jane Foster #6 by Anna Rud
  • X-Men #3 illustrated by Mike McKone

X-men Venom Island
Excalibur 4 Venom Island
Excalibur 3 Venom Island
Fantastic Four Venom Island Cover
Captain Marvel Venom Island

So will Venom Island be a solo arc sending Eddie Brock into the wilds for the sake of his symbiote? Or are the variant covers a hint that fans could see a much bigger cast in a crossover event? Readers will just have to wait and see, but for now, they can sit back and appreciate these badass covers (maybe even start to recover from the heartbreaking fate of Miles Morales). And obviously now wonder if Wolverine's ability to cut a symbiote swarm would be his secret weapon... or his undoing.

Venom #21 hits store shelves this December. Stay tuned for more details as Marvel's Venom Island marketing begins.

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