15A Fanboy Created The Idea Of Venom

Venom's creation is due in part to a fan letter sent to Marvel's then editor-in-chief James Shooter.

In the '80s, Marvel ran a competition for aspiring artists and writers. Twenty-two year old Randy Schueller sent a letter with an idea that Reed Richards, leader of the Fantastic Four, could create a new jet black costume made out of Unstable Molecules-- the very material of the Fantastic Four's costumes-- for Spider-Man.

The costume would increase Spider-Man's abilities by 25 percent, an oddly specific number. Nonetheless, the description bares a striking resemblance to the iconic black Spider-Man outfit, barring the giant white spider symbol emblazoned on his chest (Schueller opted for red, and classic Ditko underarm webbing).

Schueller heard back from James Shooter a month later, with $220 enclosed for the idea and an opportunity to write the script if all went to plan. Evidently there were some hiccups and bumps, as Schueller decidedly did not get to write the script.

A year later, Secret Wars was released, the storyline that introduced the symbiote, and the rest is history.

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