Fan Gives Venom Eyeballs And The Photos Are Hilarious

One fan of the upcoming Venom film has determined exactly how Tom Hardy's anti-hero would look if he had eyes. Ruben Fleischer is directing the R-rated Sony adaptation of the eponymous Marvel character, who was originally introduced as a villain but has since become more of an anti-hero. That is the route the filmmakers plan on taking with the movie.

Venom will tell the story of Eddie Brock (Hardy), a journalist investigating a shadowy organization known as the Life Foundation that discovers lifeforms known as symbiotes. As revealed in the Venom trailers, one of the symbiotes bonds itself to Hardy, pushing him deeper into the story and wreaking all sorts of havoc along the way. The film serves as the origin story for the infamous comic book character, known popularly as an arch nemesis of Spider-Man.

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While the latest trailer for the film displays Venom's chaotic and violent nature, the now-popular Twitter post by Matthew Gaydos reveals a sillier take on the character. With the caption, "But what if Venom had eyes?", this photo joins the conversation surrounding the character's appearance in the film, but adds a humorous sidebar to give fans a laugh after viewing the intense new footage. Take a look:

Discussions around the appearance of the character have focused on a variety of observations from the trailers - notably, why Venom won't have a Spider symbol on his chest is among the list of popular questions. Aside from this, the anti-hero's look does have a lot to analyze, even from the brief glimpses shown in the trailers thus far, especially when taking into account all of the other features of Venom's body from the comics. These features, including venomous fangs, the ability to form weapons, and the ability to manipulate mass and form, all contribute to the already intimidating appearance defined by Venom's dark form and razor-sharp teeth to make him a fearsome adversary.

This fan-made photo - while, obviously, giving fans a good laugh - offers a counterpoint to the darkness of this potentially R-rated Venom film. Despite the acclaim and success of many superhero films remaining largely family-friendly (i.e. Disney's Marvel Cinematic Universe), the success in R-rated comic book films such as Deadpool and Logan have certainly opened the door for more studios like Sony to embrace the truly dark nature of characters like Venom. Whether or not the film ends up succeeding with such a rating remains to be seen, but the sight of giving Venom bright blue eyes will surely not stick around in fans' minds while they watch Tom Hardy's intimidating new take on the role when Venom hits theaters in October.

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Source: Matthew Gaydos

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