Venom Just Gave Birth To The Deadliest Symbiote EVER

Sleeper Selects Its True Host... Against Its Will

If you've made it this far, then we'll lift the final mystery: the man who kidnapped the Venom symbiote is Tel-Kar, a legendary Kree soldier who was genetically trained and modified to wield a symbiote like a weapon. Tel-Kar was Venom's true first host, before he sent it away to begin its trek to Earth, erased of all memory. And since Tel-Kar sees the Venom symbiote as merely a thing to be owned, Sleeper sees no reason to hold back. After Tel-Kar launches his surprise attack, threatening to kill Eddie and BOTH his symbiote partner and child, it's Sleeper who drops to the rescue - directly onto Tel-Kar's head.

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While the Kree super-soldier was designed to overpower the Venom symbiote, it's offspring is made of different stuff altogether. While merged with Eddie, Sleeper showed its abilities to defy, seduce, and overpower based on chemical and pheromone production. Able to change appearance and even become invisible through the power of suggestion, it's more than equipped to work its way into Tel-Kar's mind. Specifically, to the parts of his brain and psyche that were augmented by the Kree to dominate a symbiote.

And as Tel-Kar's screams at being forcefully taken by a symbiote suddenly stop, Eddie asks what his child has done to their would-be killer. Sleeper states it plainly: "I lobotomized him."

Sleeper Now Knows The Kree's Greatest Secrets

Nobody is saying that Sleeper's approach wasn't an efficient, even suitable punishment for a Kree intent on committing genocide. But Eddie is nevertheless disappointed that the child Venom asked him to help save from evil-- the child he himself hoped to raise as a hero, could take a symbiote scalpel to its Host's brain and "ride his body around like a mindless husk." Sleeper points out that is exactly what Tel-Kar intended to do to its parent, and if we're all being honest, there's no question Eddie would do the unthinkable out of love for his own symbiote.

Still, no sooner does Sleeper take total, un-symbiotic control of Tel-Kar does it begin to comment on the vast treasure troves of wisdom and knowledge contained in his brain. As one of the most famed warriors of the Kree Empire, Tel-Kar possesses knowledge of even military weapons and failsafes that the rest of the Kree have forgotten. And adding in his years spent camouflaged by the Venom symbiote, acting as a spy inside the Skrull military, and Tel-Kar heard and saw enough to make him one of the most dangerous men in the Marv Universe.

And all of that knowledge was just placed into the possession of Sleeper, a symbiote of uncertain morality, able to become invisible to the naked eye, and manipulate almost anyone, or anything without them ever sensing it. The final pages of Venom: First Host see Eddie and his symbiote reunited, and reassuring themselves that their child is free. It means their job is done... but when and where Sleeper will pop up next is anyone's guess.

Venom: First Host is available now from Marvel Comics.

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