Venom Just Gave Birth To The Deadliest Symbiote EVER

Warning: SPOILERS for Venom: First Host

The Venom movie let the world know about the borderline romance between Eddie Brock and the Venom symbiote - but in the comics, their child just became the most dangerous symbiote in Marvel's Universe.

Being dangerous means more than just how deadly a given symbiote can be, with most able to form their bodies into weapons, or swallow their enemies whole. But with the first true child of Venom, naming itself "Sleeper," the practicality and flexible morals of its father Eddie Brock, and the dedication of its other parent, the symbiote, have made for a deadly combination. The threat isn't just who the Sleeper symbiote has taken as its host... but the lines it's already crossed without flinching.

There's reason to believe Sleeper will return later to change the face of the Marvel Universe, but for now, let's start where plenty of Venom fans will be thrown completely off: the moment Eddie and Venom became parents.

Yes, Venom & Eddie Had a Symbiote Baby Together

The Venom movie may have been deemed "weird" in its portrayal of Eddie and the symbiote's attraction, but only by those unfamiliar with the modern comics, where the symbiote has openly professed its love for Eddie, and Eddie fearing nothing more than being separated from his "Other." So when the recent Venom comics saw the symbiote keeping its pregnancy a secret from Eddie, the step into marital turbulence wasn't a big one at all.

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The difference was that the symbiote wasn't afraid to tell Eddie they were going to be parents (again), but of what would happen to the child. To keep it from being turned into a weapon, the symbiote pleaded with Eddie to protect and guide it... basically, raise it as a father. Eddie agreed, and as he fought off threats, the symbiote delivered its young into captivity. The agreement was that those studying the symbiote wouldn't allow it a Host until both parents agreed on a candidate.

But when the Venom symbiote was kidnapped by a former Host, Eddie made the call: he and the symbiote joined, and set off to make their family whole again.

Venom's Child 'Sleeper' Seeks Its First Host

If the sheer weirdness of this symbiote family drama hasn't lost you yet, then we strongly recommend reading this tale for yourself in Mike Costa and Mark Bagley's Venom: First Host miniseries. Because Eddie Brock is the first humanoid to give Venom's child a physical form - and a name, Sleeper - but he's not the last. And neither is the Skrull warbride who pursued the Venom symbiote's kidnapper to Earth in the first place. So with Eddie and Sleeper wanting their family back, and the Skrull wanting to track down and kill the Kree who split them up to begin with, a truce is called.

Along with the truce comes the setup for Sleeper's first female Host, as well. When the trio manage to actually rescue the Venom symbiote, it returns to Eddie, leaving Sleeper to protect their Skrull ally. But believe it or not, even THAT combination isn't what makes Sleeper the single most dangerous symbiote in Marvel's Universe.

No, that only comes when Sleeper takes revenge for its parents by claiming their would-be Kree murderer as its final Host... in the most twisted way possible.

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