Venom May Be Dead, Thanks to Eddie Brock's SON

Warning: SPOILERS for Venom #12

Venom fans may have thought that Eddie Brock and his Symbiote would be partners for life, but things have changed… thanks to the son that Eddie never knew he had.

To be clear, we're not referring to a child born of Eddie and the Venom Symbiote, although that story has been recently revealed as well (with their kid, Sleeper the most dangerous symbiote yet). No, we're referring to the living, human son that has just been revealed to Eddie after years being held in secret, not even knowing his own father's identity. But now that the secret is out, Eddie finally has the chance to give Dylan Brock the thing he never had: a loving father.

Does this mean the end of Eddie Brock's days as VENOM, Marvel's fan-favorite antihero?

Eddie Meets Dylan, The ‘Half-Brother’ He Never Knew

Dylan Brock Eddies Son in Venom Comic

After spending the first ten issues rewriting the Venom mythology, Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman dive deep into the human half of Venom, pouring out a bucket of secrets into the light. The most surprising one being Eddie's decision to return home to his father. Carl Brock seems to be the hateful, abusive father he always was to Eddie as a child, so it isn't a father-son bonding session Eddie is interested in (oh the irony in hindsight). But when a young boy appears in the doorway referring to Carl as his “Dad,” Eddie sees his own history being repeated. The boy is soon confirmed to be named Dylan, and as the ten year old son of Eddie's father and an unknown (and apparently undiscriminating) woman, is Eddie's half-brother.

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It's a bittersweet twist, revealing the downside of Eddie cutting off all contact with his father, who is revealed to be even more emotionally and physically abusive to Eddie, and more directly responsible with Eddie's life sliding off track than fans previously knew. But the price isn't just a half-brother Eddie never knew he had. When Dylan shows up at Eddie's door with an eye swollen shut, asking for help in killing their father so the abuse can stop, Eddie doesn't need any Symbiote to fuel his revenge. Thankfully, Eddie keeps a cooler head.

Eddie reveals new insights into his own past, and how his father's abuse was only partly responsible for his slide into villainy (at least to start with). Unfortunately, no sooner has Eddie spilled out his hard-learned lessons to Dylan then he is captured by shadowy forces looking to conduct tests on his Symbiote. But as Eddie gets the chance to converse with his 'Other' as the stakes are raised, it's the Symbiote who helps Eddie realize the truth. Because the Symbiote is convinced that its partnership with Eddie will be over... "because of what he really is!"

It's only then that Eddie finally realizes the real secrets being kept from him. Dylan isn't his father's son, but his own, raised in secret… until now. SPOILERS incoming.

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