Venom Co-Creator Says Tom Hardy Is 'Going To Do A Good Job'

Tom Hardy and Venom

Venom co-creator Todd McFarlane has expressed his thoughts on Tom Hardy playing the anti-hero in Sony Pictures' upcoming solo movie. McFarlane had co-created the character in 1984 alongside comic book writer David Michelinie and artist Mike Zeck, as well as Randy Schueller, a Marvel Comics fan who only recently revealed his contribution in creating the character's original costume. While Venom has appeared in numerous media forms since then, he's only now getting his own solo movie.

Sony Pictures originally had plans to create their own Spider-Man cinematic universe, but those plans mostly fell through when they agreed to share the character with Marvel Studios. However, they still plan on moving forward with their Venom spinoff film, an R-rated adaptation directed by Ruben Fleischer and starring Hardy as the eponymous character, with Kelly Marcel penning the latest draft of the script. Considering that the film doesn't necessarily connect to the MCU, and therefore won't feature Spider-Man, it has been a controversial project amongst comic book fans ever since it was announced. Still, McFarlane believes that Hardy will do the character justice.

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McFarlane attended New York Comic-Con 2017 this past weekend, and in an interview with Screen Geek (stay tuned for ours and CBR's video interviews!), he expressed his thoughts on Hardy playing the lead character, Eddie Brock, in Sony's Venom film as well as the movie in general. Here's what he said:

“It’ll be interesting. I’ve seen some movies of his where he can bring anger and a wide personality to it. To me, I think Tom Hardy’s going to be as good as whatever Venom looks like. We all know Tom’s going to act. He’s going to do a good job. So now what’s Venom gonna’ look like? It’s an R-rated movie, how 'R' are they going to go? To me, that’s the question. Are they going to go a 'little bit R'? Venom’s a monster to me, and to me – are they going to make him a monster or are they going to make him a man? Are they going to humanize him? That’s what we gotta’ find out.”

Hardy has quite the track record - appearing in critically-acclaimed films such as Mad Max: Fury Road, The Revenant, and Dunkirk - so the studio casting him as the titular character doesn't seem to worry McFarlane. However, what is concerning for the comic book writer is Sony Pictures going for an R-rating for the film. Given that R-rated comic book movies are on the rise - thanks primarily to the overwhelming critical and commercial success of Deadpool and Logan - there are many ways the studio can utilize that mature rating, but how they do so is what will make all the difference.

Although Sony's Venom movie is one of the biggest projects they're releasing next year, McFarlane may not be involving himself with the details all too much. He's currently knee-deep in shepherding his upcoming R-rated Spawn reboot - finally coming two decades after the last Spawn film released in theaters - which is scheduled to enter production early next year.

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Source: Screen Geek

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