The Child of VENOM & Eddie Brock is Finally Born

The Venom Symbiote Has Been Hijacked From Eddie

The cliffhanger of the previous Venom series left the child of Venom locked away in a lab, with both of its parents insisting that it be cared for humanely, and studied respectfully in exchange. It was their main stipulation that the symbiote not be subjected to any harsh experimentation or extractions - and would absolutely not be allowed to bond with a human host until both Eddie and the Venom symbiote agreed to it. But even observing it from a distance, First Host revealed that this symbiote - born of a more heroic Venom - may have taken on the more positive traits of its parents.

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Not in its gelatinous, black form, obviously. Instead the secretions of the symbiote were studied and discovered to induce not aggression or psychoactive manipulation like usual. Instead, the child can induce empathogenic euphoria, light sedation, and 'friendlier' feelings (discovered when the secretions were ingested at a Kendrick Lamar concert). As potentially game-changing as a truly heroic symbiote may be, Eddie and the Venom symbiote remained steadfast, preferring only to witness its maturation a day at a time.

That is, until the newest issue of Venom: First Host saw Eddie Brock's other half stolen away by an alien warrior intending to use the Venom symbiote as a weapon. Leaving Eddie no choice but to bond with the symbiote Spawn. And together, go rescue its mother before it's too late.

The True Child of Venom is Finally Born

When taking the symbiote specifics out of this Venom arc, the story itself seems a far more archetypal one than might be assumed at first glance. The Venom symbiote being kidnapped and Eddie feeling compelled to pursue and return it to its rightful place is only natural. Yes, the fact that the Venom symbiote has been kidnapped by its first host, a Kree super-soldier determined to unleash genocide on the Skrulls using information he locked away in the Symbiote DOES add a bit of comic book flair.

But the foundation is universal: when mother is taken, father and child must get her back. And in this series, it's actually the offspring who suggests it first, reaching out to Eddie's mind to share its thoughts with his in the usual symbiote fashion. But no longer needing a physical link, instead using a chemical connection. Whether that link is due to any shared physiology or past contact isn't clear. But it doesn't matter, because Eddie knows that the symbiote is right. The day has arrived for the child of Venom to take its first host, and become a true symbiote hero... and the First Host is Eddie himself.

The combination may not have a name just yet, but it's certainly got a style and look of its own. With green accents instead of white, and carefully placed red markings on its head, it's a striking debut. But the creation of this second-generation Venom is only the beginning. Are its abilities intended for good as they seem? And will Eddie follow through on Venom's plan to raise their child into a hero?

Venom: First Host #3 is available now from Marvel Comics.

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