The Child of VENOM & Eddie Brock is Finally Born

Eddie Brock and the Venom symbiote have kept their child a secret until now - when Eddie must merged with the child, creating a new hero.

Warning: SPOILERS for Venom: First Host #3

There's a new Venom in the Marvel Universe, now that Eddie Brock has finally merged with his Symbiote's offspring. Which also makes it... his child, too. Either way, this new symbiote has the makings of a real superhero.

This new bonding of Eddie Brock and the child of the Venom symbiote has been a long time coming, even before Marvel restarted the main Venom series with a new creative team. But the tale of the child of Venom built up to by Mike Costa and Mark Bagley is finally getting to be told. In Venom: First Host #3, the newest symbiote hero is born - a bond between Eddie Brock, and the child Venom trusted him to raise.

As you can tell, the story has gotten... weird. So to make sure fans appreciate just how epic this new Venom symbiote superhero really is - and why Eddie is its only chance for saving its "mother" - let's catch up on the story so far.

Venom Kept Its Baby a Secret From Eddie

For this story, fans will have to go back to the final issues of Costa's run, concluding with Venom #165. The "Nativity" storyline dropped a bombshell on Eddie Brock when former colleagues of his attacked and subdued him, explaining his symbiote's impending delivery was a threat they had to deal with head on. That was news to Eddie, who soon heard the symbiote's confession in his head. But it had a good reason for keeping its upcoming offspring a secret.

The most famous spawn of the Venom symbiote is Carnage, the red-colored, murderous monster embraced by the cannibal Cletus Kasady. And soon, the Venom movie will show how twisted and villainous The Five Symbiotes (children of Venom) turned out to be in Marvel Comics. Needless to say, the symbiote keeping its next spawning a secret from Eddie makes sense. It was out of fear - fear that if anyone knew, history would repeat itself.

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The only hope for the symbiote was Eddie. Hope that he could protect it, or they could together, as Venom. Hope that Eddie could help their "child" mature into a hero, instead. And since Eddie Brock is a hero at heart, he stepped up to the job, as "father" of the coming symbiote.

The Venom Symbiote & Eddie Brock Become... Parents?

The baby was finally delivered in Venom #165, but it didn't go as smoothly as any previous. Understandable, as both have gone through plenty of trauma since then. But with Mac Gargan aka the Scorpion wanting to become Venom once again, Eddie needed to protect his better half while in labor. As the Symbiote have birth, Eddie defended it with his life. The result was the strangest "delivery room" drama comic books may have ever seen. But the fighting all stopped when the new symbiote was revealed to be stillborn... at least, that's what they wanted everyone to think.

The symbiote child of Venom survived, and has been quietly growing in secret, removed from the Marvel Universe. But the wait is over, now that the true, heroic child of Venom has finally bonded with its First Host - Eddie Brock.

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