Marvel's New Carnage is Killing EVERY Venom

Carnage's Army of Symbiote Brain Worms

Cletus Kasady evolving to a godlike form of Carnage and starting a hunt to eat every Venom sure sounds like major news in the Marvel Universe. The kind of thing that would obviously erupt onto the Avengers' radar, not just that of Spider-Man or Eddie Brock. And crazed as Cletus may be, he obviously knows that, too - which is why he's remaining underground for the time being. And we mean that literally, since he seems to have retraced Venom's own footsteps by heading into the sewers of San Francisco. Except where Eddie Brock befriended the homeless community that lived underground, Carnage has turned them into waves of mind-controlled slaves.

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We've spared readers the most disgusting panels from Web of Venom: Unleashed, showing how Carnage is exercising a new symbiote superpower. Never one for elegance, Carnage sends a tendril up his victims' nose, takes a bite into their brain, and leaves a symbiote worm behind to steer them towards their target. With only the intelligence to repeat their target's name over and over, they prove surprisingly effective. So it's a good thing that Eddie Brock has a symbiote of his own to rely on for early warning.

The bad news? Even on a good day, Eddie Brock would be scared to learn that Carnage is coming for him. And these are anything but good days for Eddie Brock.

Eddie Brock & Venom: Marvel's Only Hope?

Over the course of Web of Venom: Unleashed, the Venom symbiote's sense of smell is triggered by the slightest wiff of Carnage. And with good reason, since the pairing of Cletus and Carnage has been a brutal foe for Venom in the best circumstances. A point made perfectly clear by the symbiote itself, when a sniff of Carnage's trail instantly conjures the image of the villain tearing Eddie Brock and Venom apart with its bare hands. As if that weren't bad enough news for Eddie - who doesn't yet realize the true size and scope of Carnage's attack - his other half may have tipped the villain off early. After removing the symbiote brain worms from Carnage's scouts, the Venom symbiote decides to repeat the task with everyone of them it encounters Which means the steaming pile of blood-red brain worms it deposits in front of Eddie are hard to misinterpret.

If it had been just one, Eddie Brock would know that not only is Carnage alive again, but he's looking for Venom. But dozens of brain worms, seeking out dozens of former Venom hosts? That's the kind of mission Eddie has NOT been preparing for. And let's be honest: Venom may be a hit at Movie theaters, but among the rest of Marvel's heroes and villains whom Carnage also plans to eat whole, he's not exactly popular. So as the issue ends with Eddie crumpled on the ground in fear, knowing Carnage is coming to kill him in a way he has never faced before... fans are left in suspense as well.

We don't know when Carnage will unveil his next attack, or which former host of the Venom symbiote is the next to be swallowed whole. But even more dangerous than the powers of a god, Donny Cates and his team have given Carnage a reason. And for a symbiote supervillain who eviscerates and eats just for the fun of it, that should be worth the wait.

Web of Venom: Unleashed #1 is available now from Marvel Comics.

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