Venom & Carnage Get New Action Figures Ahead of Movie Release

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Symbiote designs for Venom and Carnage are revealed in Hasbro's new action figure line, ahead of the Venom solo movie's release this year. Sony is pushing forward with another attempt to launch a cinematic universe, but one that appears to be very complicated. Sony partnered up with Marvel Studios to bring Peter Parker to the Marvel Cinematic Universe a couple years back, but are now working on an "adjacent" Marvel universe that includes the films Venom and Silver & Black. To make things even more interesting, rumor has it Tom Holland will make a cameo as Peter Parker in Venom, thus connecting the movie directly to the MCU.

Details over the Tom Hardy headlined Venom haven't been easy to come by, but the veil of secrecy will soon be lifted. The Venom trailer is reportedly coming in just a few weeks, and follows the release of a first look image that confirms one of the Venom movie's comic book inspirations. The actual plot of Venom still isn't clear, but it has been rumored that Carnage will be included in some fashion. While we wait to find out what Venom and maybe Carnage looks like in the film, Hasbro will be unveiling new action figures for both characters.

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Hasbro revealed new toys for the Spider-Man villains Venom and Carnage today. The toy company will be releasing 6-inch and 12-inch scale figures of Venom and Carnage, as well as a two-pack set of both. The new figures will be released this fall, but the designs are not based on Hardy's upcoming solo movie. The 6-inch Legends Series figures will be available for $19.99 each, the 12-inch Titan Hero Series for $9.99 each, and the two-pack for $19.99 as well. You can check out the figures in the gallery below.

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While these toys don't reveal how the characters will look in Sony's film, it is the latest indication that Venom is picking up steam. The movie doesn't come out till October, but it appears Sony is ready for marketing to begin soon. That means official toys based on the film should be arriving sooner rather than later now. As for these figures, it makes sense that Hasbro would want to have more toys based on the film's characters available for purchase ahead of its release in theaters - even if they aren't movie-accurate designs.

This may also be further signal that Carnage is in fact in Venom, though Sony has to confirm as much (nor is it clear yet who could be playing him). Even though these figures aren't from the film, Hasbro and other toy companies are presumably aware if Carnage is in it, so they can start designing and producing the toy line for the movie now. Hopefully, it won't be too much longer before we get more details on the movie, but these toys will have to tide Venom fans over in the meantime.

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